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Thread: Tibetan Kung Fu Styles

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    warrenoh Guest

    Let's talk about Tibetan System(Lama,BakHok,Hopgar)

    hi i m a Tibetan MA lover~! ^^
    i train both bakhok(white crane) and lama.
    my bakhok lineage-SingLung-WongLumHoi,ChiuChiYu-NgSiuChung-KwongBonFu-ChowChungYiu(VincentChow)-me
    Lama Lineage-SingLung-WongYanLam-ChoiYit
    For me, Lama&BakHok is a same system, just different lineage.
    why? because in my opinion, as long as it's within same fighting priciple, it's same arts. might train in different ways, but the goal is same.
    what do u think?

    p.s i'd like to get to know other tibetan lovers. after all we r all family~ ^^

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    flavour54take2sameperson Guest
    I was just wandering is Hop Gar a crane style?

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    warrenoh Guest
    yes, hopgar is a offspring of lama
    in mainland china, there's no such style as lama, but there is this style called Xia-Jia Chuan(in cantonese it's HOP-GAR KUEN). some say this is due to communist ppl in early 50's killed tibetan-related ppl, this is why in mainland china SingLungJungLo is called by a chinese name(Li Hu-Zi)
    Lineage SingLung-WongYanLam-WongHonWing-NgYimMing-.......
    there are some ancestors in SiJiHaau(Tibetan Lion's Roar) lineage, whose nickname was Da-Xia-Ke(Big Knight) such as LiHuZi(SingLung), WongYanLam, WongLumHoi.......
    this is why our martial arts is also called
    HopGar(XiaJia-Knight Family)!!!

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    lkfmdc Guest
    You can find a very detailed history of the Tibetan martial art at

    It will explain the splits and differences as well as lineages

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    warrenoh Guest
    the URL above has very good information about
    tibetan MA and lineage. by the way, there is
    one false information, about WongYanLam and WongLumHoi.

    WongYanLam&WongLumHoi are kung-fu brothers not blood-related brothers. Wong in WongYanLam is a Wong(which means King in chinese), and Wong in WongLumHoi is a Wong(which means Yellow, same as WongFeiHong)

    Just to let you guys know~

    PEACE~! ^^

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    lkfmdc Guest
    Actually, some people say they are blood brothers and use the same family name character, it's a disagreement in the lineages. We keep to the version our sifu told. out of respect

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    lkfmdc Guest
    tried to post something but didn't work [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

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    warrenoh Guest
    Hmm.... no more Tibetan MA lovers out there???
    Well, I guess they r too busy training. ^^

    Why is tibetan MA not well-known to the public, although it is a highly-effective MA?

    The answer is in the Question.
    Since it is a deadly MA, it could be a serious weapon to harm others.This is the reason why the masters didn't pass it on to whoever wants to learn. they pick the right students with the right mind.

    We are Quality ppl, may not be a Quantity though. ^^

    hmmm.... just Q&A myself~
    post some replies, bros~

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    WildMan_Riot Guest
    You say tibetian style is deadly. What evidence supports it?

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    xingyiman Guest
    Does anyone know if the present Dalai Lama practises Lama Kung Fu, or any other style of Kung Fu for that matter?

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    lkfmdc Guest
    Chinese martial arts history is full of challenge matches. However, one stands up well above all the others and can be verified because it was chronicled in the Cantonese newspapers and is still widely discussed in TCMA circles.

    In Canton City at the beginning of the 20th Century, a wooden stage was erected by Wong Yan Lam and an open challenge was made. Unlike other challenges, which were limited to a set time period or set number of challenges, this one was open. In fact, it ended up lasting weeks.

    Wong Yan Lam defeated 150 challengers without a single loss. Many local fighters lost in matters of SECONDS. It remains the largest and most impressive challenge in TCMA.

    Wong yan Lam was a master of Lion's Roar/Lama Pai....

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    warrenoh Guest
    WongYanLam(HuangYinLin)'s story was no joke,
    it's a legend based on the truth.
    Another famous master was the founder of BakHokPai(Tibetan WhiteCrane), NgSuiChong(WuSuJong). He's a 3rd generation Tibetan MA master(SingLung-ChuChiYu, WongLumHoi-NgSuiJung). When he founded a school in HK, he got into numerous challenges from various styles of local KF ppl.(including BakFangNgFu(Northern 5 tigers) WongSiuJiu) He's well-known to accept any challenges and he considered any challenge that he couldn't finish by 3 blows as a lost.
    And he never lost.
    This is why BakHokPai became very popular in HK with a short period of time, although it was a new foreign system.

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    Greetings. The last time a saw a Bak Hok master demo is back to a few years ago by Luk Chi Fu Sifu. (One of the Bak Hok Sarm Fu). He was performing the Mean Lui Jum (Needles in Cotton) and Ng Man Bill Sifu with a pole form. I'll always remember that demo as it was very impressive.
    I always belief that Ng Siu Chong trained under both Chu Chi Hill and Wong Lum Hoi. Both Si Dai of Wong Yun Lam.
    Can you explain the Bak Hok Gong. As I have always been interested to know this gong.


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    warrenoh Guest
    hi wilson.
    It's my pleasure to meet a guy like u.
    You seem to be a BakHokPai, are u?
    or r u just interested?
    If u r a BakHokPai, could u tell me who ur sifu is?

    Yes, NgSuiJung DID train with ChuChiYu, but his principal teacher was WongLumHoi. After he learned all Wong could afford to him, Wong recommended him to Chu. ChuChiYu was known for his loyalty to SingLung, he stayed and took care of SingLung until the moment he passed away. He had few students. i forgot his students name at this moment, but i remember one of them got shot for political problem, and the other was famous as Haap(Knight).

    BakHokSamFu-LukChiFu, KwongBonFu, ChanHokFu.

    LukChiFu is one of NgSuiJung's students, he passed away a while ago by throat cancer. but his school is still very active in HK, and it's the biggest school of all BakHokPai. He was running the school in WanChai area with my sihing FanYeungJung.
    NgMunFu.......... u mean the short, bald, kinda ugly guy, rite...? ^^ I dunno much about this person, but i know he used to promote KF for foreigners.
    BakHokGong was created by SiTaiGung NgSuiJung
    . I haven't learned this one yet. Have u watched the picture? it's an excercise for BakHok practitioner for so-called BakHok GungLik. It's one of the highest set of BakHokPai, which means it doesn't mean much for the ppl who dun reach that level. For them this would be just like a BaDuanJin(BaDoonGum).
    This is how far i can say to u about BakHokGong. I advise you to ask ur sifu.

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    warrenoh Guest
    Those two articles above r some evidences, that i&my relative proved that Tibetan MA is deadly. I strongly believe that i can send any of my family for the fight without a worry of losing(like Qing(Manchurian) emperors). We are Quality ppl, all of us r good fighters.
    if u wanna experience that this is a deadly MA, challenge to ur local Tibetan MA sifu.

    Like old saying, There's no need to talk in MA, only the fist talks.

    If u happen to live in vancouver, canada. U can e-mail me. then i'll meet u.

    E-Mail me, only if u r serious about this.

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