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Thread: Tibetan Kung Fu Styles

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    warrenoh Guest

    who the **** is this ego guy?

    no need to talk for ****'s sake.

    go challenge ur bakhok sifu, and get beat up or something,

    ****in' ****, u don't know any **** about kung fu.

    no need to ****in explain to idiot like u.

    come to vancouver, and beat me up, then u can say bakhok is ****.

    shut the **** up for ****'s sake, if u don't have guts to challenge bakhok.

    p.s rn't u that idiot who ****ed around in this forum b4?

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    HopGar Guest
    I only read half the first page of this thread- but I'm a Hop Gar guy. Also on the geocities site, their info about Ku Chi Wai studying in San Fran is way off, my sifu learned while in Hong Kong I believe.


    "He's not dead, 'es resting! Well if 'e's resting, I'll wake him up! 'Ello Mr. Polly Parrot...." -Monty Python, Dead Parrot Sketch

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    Crimson Phoenix Guest

    about Yang Jwing Ming

    for those who wonder, Yang Jwing Ming never trained Tibetan crane, only fujian white crane...he does mention Lama in his books though, but always states that it is very different from fujian bai he both in origin and development...his style is the ancestral crane or zhong he (also known as trembling/shaking crane) , but what he is now teaching is a personal interpetation of it (hmm, isn't any sifu teaching a personal interpretation?? that's a good question hehehe).
    For example in the YMAA curriculum, he doesn't teach the individual forms he knows, but rather forms he made by aggregating 2 or 3 traditionnal forms...
    his master was Chen Gin Gsao,student of white crane legend Gin Shao Feng.
    Here is for what I know...


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    HopGar Guest
    my schools webpage has my lineage posted. Actually we can't do full contact sparring either mainly b/c thos overhead punches can litterally smash someone's skull in. We train full force however.


    "He's not dead, 'es resting! Well if 'e's resting, I'll wake him up! 'Ello Mr. Polly Parrot...." -Monty Python, Dead Parrot Sketch

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    diego Guest

    warrenoh hello

    I live in n.vancouver...Under hopga sifu ng-yim-ming i can cliam a odd lineage.
    by court of law the guy who showed me some hopga
    aint alowed near me.....his teacher learnt from ng sifu.
    Do you have any classes in vancouver. :)

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    dubj Guest
    I was just wondering if there are any other popular tibetan styles other than those already mentioned. One that I am really interested in is called wu chuan chi tao. It is only taught by the international green dragon society as far as I know. On their website they say that their style is of tibetan origen. It is composed of 8 main animal styles, a few internal styles, chi kung, and tibetan yoga. It also seems to have many taoist practices and philosophies. The main headquarters are in hong kong and chicago. It seems that some of you are pretty familiar with the tibetan ma community in hong kong. Please let me know if you know about this group or style of fighting

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest

    Bak Hok Sifu

    Warren Ho

    Actually, the bak hok Sifu and i are good friends. He knows that his style is no match for the Northern Systems. He knows that Pak Hok is largely untested (as Kong has correctly pointed out in Hop Gar - they don't spar).

    So these Pak Hop and Hop Gar (they) people live in a dream land that they can smash people's skulls in. Note: the skull is a very tough bone and those swings would sooner damage your own hands. They don't realize that it isn't the "full force" that matters but the timing. Those large swings will hit j@ck sh1t because they're just so d@mn predictable.

    Warren, you once again have knocked me out not with your deadly Jins (Chin Chow Choy) but with your foul mouth

    Maximus Materialize!

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    HopGar Guest
    Sure ego, whatever you say. Actually we started doin sparring, but I unfortunately miss it because of my job. Take that a$. You think punches are telegraphed, eh? when you get slammed by one, then come back and and talk.


    "He's not dead, 'es resting! Well if 'e's resting, I'll wake him up! 'Ello Mr. Polly Parrot...." -Monty Python, Dead Parrot Sketch

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    BAI HE Guest


    Actually, The White Crane style are held in high regard. At one time it was the preferred style of
    the Chinese Emperor's Guard.
    I find it rather dismissive to blanket any fighting
    art as "Useless". In your experience perhaps it was useless. In order not to continually offend other parties here, you could paraphrase your responses with the standard IMO.
    It's never to late to be polite.

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    warrenoh Guest

    EGO, please take it somewhere else.

    just leave this forum please, u won't get a lesson from the internet.

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    warrenoh Guest

    diego, my e-mail address is

    diego, no, I don't have a pakhokpai class.

    i only teach privately by appointment- mostly kickboxing, TKD, and weapons depending on what the student wants to learn.

    diego, we can meet up, i live in downtown.

    e-mail me.

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest

    Tibetian lover


    Why are you teaching kick boxing when you are a Tibetian lover. Or did I misunderstand you? You Do kickboxibng but you have a Tibetian lover or is a Tibetian lover. This would make sense because if you are a Tibetian Martial Arts lover - it won't.

    Think about it, am I playing with your mind?

    Maximus Materialize!

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    Tsui Guest
    Tibetan White Crane is NO JOKE! Although the school I train at is based mainly in the Northern Shaolin tradition, we train in various arts-internal and external. Among these are a short TBWC form and MANY two person drills. These have done more for me than any other external exercises we've done. Our Sifu is very respectful of TBWC, in fact one of his "brothers" under his Sifu came from Tibet and he called him "teacher" as well... of course this man would always box his ears and say "Brother... Master Chi is your teacher"

    Sifu demonstrated some of these techniques on one of the instructors, this guy is a good 8 or 9 inches taller than our Sifu and at least 75lbs heavier.. he didn't see where the techniques were coming from I guarantee.

    Remember, the forms you see (in any art) are just a frame work, like scales and chord in music. It's what you do with them that counts.

    That waist twisting, punching out fore and aft with both arms looks like a long range technique, but if done right at close range you won't see it coming until your feet are already off the ground!

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    darkie71 Guest

    Is that right,...Ego?!

    I don't have much to say,... save that if you come to my White Crane school talkin' that crap, I guarantee you'll most definitely leave with your freakin' limbs in a **** cast. I got your freakin' "non-crushing, fantasy fueled techniques," right here buddy!! Your so full of ****!! You freakin' bring your ass right down to San Fran,... 28th and Geary,.... and we'll see what you got. Or is it just your "Ego" talkin'??

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    Ego_Extrodinaire Guest


    Hey Darkie,

    Let's put it this way, i have practiced the hopgar lama for a long time and i am well away of the capabilities of the system. So ifyou intend to have a guest instructor like my self come down to give you a lecture- I'll be happy to do so.

    I even have signed pictures of me and the Dali Lama

    Maximus Materialize!

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