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Thread: The Hakka Arts

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    overdemon Guest
    A hakka fist!
    wing chun is hakka? I dunno

    but are you hakka?

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    Bastet Guest
    hello, to answer some of your questions -

    i do Yau Kung Mun, it is regarded as hakka (possibly because of the pak mei connection).

    the systems all have similarities. eg. most of them use tun to fou chum, and they use sililar techniques like hammerfist, chum choy, mor qui etc. they use centre-line theory, angulation, ging development, 2 man sensitivity and conditioning drills. there is obviously some difference between the techniques and names, but the basics are the same. there are also small differences between teachers of the SAME style.

    im not sure about wing chun, their straight back theory makes the techniques a little different.

    anyway, hope that helped a bit...

    blessed be

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    MoQ Guest

    Wing Chun is Southern fist, but not Hakka...

    Bak Mei is Hakka, S.Mantis is Hakka, Dragon is Hakka. The Hakka are a group of people living on boats called the visitors. It just happened that the people learning Lung Ying, Bak Mei, and Mantis from the various monks happened to be HAKKA people.

    Surely everyone has heard that the reason for the short southern hands is that in Southern China the houses are closer, there are allyways and small areas, so the fist is short and the kicks are low. In the north there are more open areas and the people are taller than the southern people and need longer so the Kung Fu is long fist. Long fist styles are practical on horse backs as well and in the south there are no horses.

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    CLOUD 1 Guest
    Who told you that twaddle? So what you are saying is that if a Lung Ying practitioner was in an open space he will not be able to use his art efficiently.
    Five yards out, five yards back!!!
    Three yards out, three yards back!!!
    One yard out, one yard back!!!
    One inch out, one inch back!!!

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    overdemon Guest
    I don't remember we live on boats?

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    CLOUD 1 Guest
    So where do you live overdemon?

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    Octavius Guest
    Thanks for your info, guys, for those of you who contributed.

    Here's another question (yes, I just seem to have a boatload of them...):
    How are the hakka fists trained? What I mean is, I think I remember reading somewhere (it was a web site...) that there are "not that many techniques" in these arts - so training was not spent in doing a million techniques - but that the majority of the training consisted in developeing ging, and varous gong or what I believe one of you called force training. Is this true? I ask becasue I also read another site (OK, I gotta stop surfing the web) that said that the hakka arts have "more techniques than any other" - which really doesn't sound too kosher to me. I mean they are contradictory. So what gives?

    Long Live the Fighters!
    -Paul Mua'Dib Atreides

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    MoQ Guest

    Just generalities Cloud1 don't have a fit...

    I was answering a general question. Take a pill...
    5 yards is only about 5 steps. What are YOU saying? hahaha

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    Lu Chi-hwa Guest
    For you guys who are wondering who are the Hakka (Han) Chinese visit this site:

    Lu Chi-hwa

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    overdemon Guest
    In a stone house of course!

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    sui-fuw Guest

    moq the joker

    if you don't get "5 in 5 out " one, you're not hak-ka or you know little of hak-ka gung-fu.stick to your own little universe,and no i won't explain.
    mere begginers are tought this,and yes i am happy to be jokes on you pal ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ahh sorry couldn't stop crying with laughter you joker...
    MOQ WHAT ARE YOU QUEING UP FOR,OR DO LIKE PLAYING SNOOKER,HA,HA CAUSE, DON'T TELL ME ITS lung ying MORQ cause as a,joker it does not fit the bill.....

    oct why are you so intrested in hak-ka gung-fu?
    all that i can say its little,simple,ideas.

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    It's about time you got your arse kicked boy! I use that term meaningfully, as you must be just a boy... or an old fool! You are not as knowledgable in the martial arts as you would like to think, if you can't understand the poem.
    "It's better to know and not need, than to need and not know". Stuff that up ya! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    P.S to my previous posting...
    When refering to the poem, i meant the 5 & 5 of previous postings, that you do not seem to comprehend. Which is very indicative of your true lack of knowledge.... or is it that you've just forgotten sooo much

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    billy_pilgrim Guest
    fierce tiger/sui-fuw/CLOUD 1/etc...

    This forum, as I understand it, exists as a place for individuals to EXCHANGE information, thoughts, ideas, etc. If anything MoQ has posted is in error, by all means, refute it with whatever means you have at your disposal. However, that doesn't seem to be what's happening, MoQ posts, you don't like what he posts, so you respond with a poem you want him to analyze. know I'm sure I could whip out a particularly tricky passage of Finnegan's Wake that would have you furrowing your brow for days on end, but that's not really the point is it? Whether Moq is Hakka or whether he is Pak Mei Pai is rather immaterial if his info is correct. If it's not, than tell us where it's wrong...
    Oh, and, please no puerile posturing about "arse kicking", especially when you seem so convinced that MoQ is little more than a kind of makes you look like the child.

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    MoQ Guest

    3 mouths, 1 a$

    When did I say I hadn't heard of your little poem?
    I found it odd that you used it in reference to open spaces, but of course no one brought THAT up either.

    You come on here with an attitude and alot of crap to say about the well known Sigung of Bak Mei Pai. Although I am not Bak Mei(or Lung Ying for that matter, which has only been referred to with the "Mor Kiu" suffix fairly recently), I was disgusted by the lack of respect and I was sure we were dealing with TROLLS.

    I just happened to have a friend that knew CLC personally and blew your claims out of the water. Face it, you were trumped bigtime. My source superceeds your teacher or even HIS teacher.

    I feel that if you "guys" had anything but BS to say you would've said it. Why would you think you could just appear with a load of sh*t and have anyone see you as anything but an ass?

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