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Thread: Five animals style kung fu

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    yamato_damashii Guest

    Five Animals...

    I'm wondering if someone could recommend a good Shaolin Five Animals instructor...

    Jason C. Diederich

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    ngokfei Guest

    5 animals

    I know that Doc Fai Wong has a unique 5 animal form.

    Also the Choy Li Fut style has 10 differnet animals that they teach.

    Hung Ga also is an exponenet of the 5 animals.

    I don't know but I'm sure that any of the modern shaolin monks from china know a 5 animal set as well. :D

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    count Guest

    Five animals teachers

    Too bad Ark Wong is gone. If you can contact Richard Vera in Los Angeles area, I'm sure he can help. I just don't have a recent number for him. He learned Ark's complete system and his Iron Palm is the best I have ever seen.Ï

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    Black Fist Guest
    How about Wing Lam and Hay Say Fu 5 could even see if you like it via tapes first.

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    Erasmus Lightstone Guest
    Black Fist,

    Can you tell me where I can get a copy of the Ha Say Fu 5 animal videos? Thanks.

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    Kevin73 Guest
    I realize you addressed this to someone else but I thought I'd answer.

    You can get the tapes at

    They sell the tapes seperate for about 39.95 and 49.95 ea. or they have a package deal for $199.99 for all 5 animals seperate (panther,tiger,snake,crane dragon) and the 5 animals set (hung gar) where all 5 animals are together in one set.

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    Question 5 Animals - form names

    Does anyone know where I might find a list of forms used in the curriculums of 5 animal shaolin styles ?

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    Hi John-
    Shaolin Five animals is taught in a few different ways.
    The five animals being /tiger/crane/leopard/snake/dragon.

    In Hung Gar, the five animals are taught in a form called Ng Ying Kuen or "five animals fist"

    In old hung gar, the forms are taught seperately.

    leopard=pao ("pow")
    dragon=Lung (leung or loong)

    in other systems, especially those of shaolin origin, each of the qualities and attributes of these animals are incorporated into sets. while the sets may have different names or only emphasize a part of an animals characteristics in combat, the essence of the animal form is still there.

    virtually all styles of kung fu that have their origins in Shaolin have a touch of the animal flavours in them.

    Check out this site further (beyond the forums) and you will find tapes for watching regarding animal styles as well as associated weapons, books et al.

    good luck
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    Thanks for the information! I was mainly trying to find a list of the names of the forms. The reason being, I'm trying to locate information about a form someone taught me. They said it was one of the basic or introductory "shaolin 5 animal" forms, and I'm trying to find out more about it. Unfortunately, I'm not in contact with the person who taught me. All I know is that in English, the name of the form roughly translates to "four pillar", "four directions", or "four gates"....something similar to that anyway.

    I don't believe it was Hung Gar based - it didn't quite have that look to it. It had a slightly more "Northern" feel to it. But who knows, I could be wrong. My experience in Shaolin is very limited.

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    5 animals


    Sounds like you have the Hunan or northern Shaolin form.
    4 Gates is right. 5 animals 4 gates. Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake guard or protect the gates. The Dragon protects the middle or the inner circle. Do you know what system it was your teacher was in because alot of animal forms out there are not true. People change them or add and subtract things from them to create or satisfy thier own system. Hope I can help you in anyway.

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    I'm guessing it was a Vietnamese style. I say that because the guy knew the names of the forms in English and Vietnamese, but not in Chinese. The same style also had another form called "Stone Lion", if that helps out in any way.


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    Stone Lion is a Bak Mei/Lung Ying form done by some lineages (it's a version of Sup Ji Kuen). There's a form from the same lineage called Say Moon Ba Gwa , or 4 doors 8 diagrams. Could that be the one?
    The only northern 5 animals form I know personally is Wu Xing Ba Fa (5 animals 8 ways), a fairly basic Shaolin set.
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    That's the closest guess I've heard of yet. Are there any websites or videos that may show those forms ? That way I can see for sure if it's the same one.

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    You're probably best off talking to Mantis 108 on the soutern forum.
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    Five animals style kung fu

    Does anyone know about a certain "Five animal style" kung fu? I know that there were five animals that kung fu evolved around of (snake, crane, tiger,leopard,dragon), but isn't each a separate style of kung fu? Or is it just one complete system? Thanks in advanced.

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