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Thread: Shaolin In Music

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    8StepStudent Guest

    Shaolin In Music

    I was just wondering if anyone else on the forum has seen Linkin Park's video "One Step Closer?" If so, is that Shi Yan Ming in the video? I swear either it is him or someone who looks a very similar. I'm talking about the black, cloaked guy in the beginning and the end to be more specific.

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    WongFeHung Guest
    I haven't seen that, BUT I have seen the article in qigong/kung-fu about Shi Yan Ming with the Wu-Tang Clan. It shows them posing together! How degrading for a "Shaolin Monk" to be posing wit gangsta rappers! yech!....I however have a beautiful picture of myself with Steve Vai holding one of my school t-shirts. That, my friends is class! ;-) p.s. he autographed my les paul and my strat, what did Wu-Tang do, sign his staff? hahahahaha

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    Jaguar Wong Guest
    The Wu Tang Clan used to study from Shi Yan Ming, but I'm not sure if that was a one time only publicity stunt, or if they're still doing it. Why would that be degrading, though?

    BTW 8StepStudent, I saw the video just this morning, but I couldn't tell if any of the monks were anyone special, beacuse of the face paint. I thought it was pretty cool to see, though. I'm gonna have to get the album (cause the music rocked, not because of the video [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img])

    Jaguar Wong

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    YoungForest Guest
    From what I know and from what i've read in Kung Fu magazine.. RZA from Wu Tang Clan is still studing with Shi Yan Ming.

    And hopefully, in 2 years, i will study my shaolin with Shi Yan Ming.

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    HuangKaiVun Guest
    I'm a Buddhist, and I think it's GREAT that Shi Yan Ming and the rappers are posing with each other.

    They bring attention to each other's causes, and I think it would be nice for them both to earn LOTS OF MONEY in the process.

    See, Buddhism is not a religion of attrition. It is a religion of balance and spiritual richness. In today's day and age (or any other for that matter), money is as valuable a commodity as there is.

    I have also heard stories that Shi Yan Ming has a girlfriend and eats meat. I am Buddhist, and I think that's ALSO terrific. It is NATURAL for men to be interested in women, and it is NATURAL for humans to eat meat.

    As far as whatever "messages" are preached by rappers or "Buddhists", it is up to YOU to decide what you choose to be influenced by.

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    YoungForest Guest
    That is great. If only Jewish and Muslim people would think that way, they would be more educated. I am not hating on both sides but its just human nature to eat meats like Pork and to love one another.

    I am muslim right now so I'm not hating on Jewish people. I have jewish friends and they eat pork and also study their religion.

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    Taijimantis Guest

    What the?!?!?

    I too am a practicing Buddhist.
    While I agree that Buddhism is a religion of balance, it also emphasizes detatchment.

    I have heard of certain sects of buddhists eating meat, but lets be realistic. The basis of a religion stressing loving kindness to all creatures does not condone the consuming of a sentient being.

    There is a thing in buddhism called karma... that thing that comes around and bites you in the ass when you screw up. One does not have to be dead to experience it.

    No devout buddhist I know of eats meat.
    No where have I ever seen anything to show me that it is natural to eat meat. Human digestion is not designed to digest animal flesh, and for those who do eat meat (especially red meat) will find it in your intestines for up to two years after you stop eating it.

    The majority of our teeth are designed for grinding and cutting, not tearing like fangs. Even our canines are small and rounded, not very formidible weapons for tearing the throats out of prey, or peeling flesh from bones.

    In addition to this, for eating of meat to be natural, then killing must also be natural.
    My teacher the Lama Geshe Rinpoche, former abbot to His Holiness the Dali Lama, filled me in on what conditions would be acceptable for a Buddhist to eat meat:

    If a predator kills an animal, and eats its fill, then a human being could come and eat what is left without incurring any bad karma.

    I do not know what sect of Buddhism you practice, and with no disrespect intended I seriously question its docterine. While I do not claim to know everything about it, I know enough to see that the statements you made just dont click. Perhaps I am misunderstanding?

    Buddhism is not about financial gain, or about doing what is natural for this shell we inhabit. We follow the eightfold path and the four noble truths. We practice denial and detachment from our emotions in order to achieve oneness with all. Nirvana or enlightened existence.

    NOT personal gain or publicity in this life.

    Again I do not wish to be disrespectful, and I am hoping I simply misunderstand. Buddhism is a very tolerant religion. It does not claim to be the "only" way or the "right" way but "A" way. But there are enough people out there who still think that Buddhism is worshipping the little fat stone statuette. And that is simply not the case.


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    YoungForest Guest
    good point..
    interesting topic

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    Taijimantis Guest


    Huang, out of curiosity, do you belong to the SGI group?

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    Shaolin Master Guest
    Depends on school of Buddhist thought but Taijimantis is much more in harmony with buddhist ideals than the others.
    Shi Yan Ming is what we call a new generation monk. Apparently not only did he eat meat in the like but rather he had a wife and child in china which he left completely when he left for USA.
    Unfortunately most Songshan shaolin monks of the post Cultural revolution have evolved into materialistic individuals who rarely cultivate their ideals....

    Anyway it is unimportant from a martial point. Shi Yan Ming is very prolific in his Songshan Martial style [Noting that this is only a small amount of what was real Shaolin] and is an excellent executioner of his martial style. That he is not the most "Buddhist practising" of monks "per se" and that he enjoys materialistic non buddhist practices is entirely his decision.

    Songshan shaolin as practised by Yan Ming and his colleagues is limited to the fundamentals of the Songshan School as most were lost during the cultural revoloution years. It is for this reason that Liang Yi Chuen, Hai Deng, Liu Bao Shan and others of true knowledge returned with their small quantities of other material and that it has since attempted to be systemising but all in all it retained the Xiao Hong Quan Flavour which is Songshan Shaolin.

    Authentic Shaolin Arts should encompass the essence of all arts.This is very rare nowadays.

    Note that according to the sudden school of Buddhist thought "as it is the Buddha Nature that must be seen it may happen by the sounds of Waves, the chirping of Birds, The Stillness of meditation or anywhere...but at that instant Buddhist enlightenment or thought can be obtained ...not by practise but by that instant whether the person was a butcher or a prostitute it is irrelevant for they would have commenced the sudden understanding of their true nature in this life an passed lives.."


    Yat Chai Chou Yuen "Yi Jie Sui Yuen"


    Shi Chan Long

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    brokenfist Guest


    I'm sorry Taijimantis, but I believe that you've let your own personal beliefs overshadow the facts of nature. Human beings by nature are omnivores, we eat animals and plants. In nature, the main source of protein is animal meat. We need protein (amino acids) to stay strong and healthy. Several aminos are essential to staying healthy and are difficult to find outside of animal meat. Also you are incorrect about our teeth. Our front teeth and canines are made for ripping and tearing (meat), while our molars are designed for grinding and chewing (meat and plants). If we were to eat only vegetables, our tooth enamel would be thicker to handle the roughage of plant fibers. Also while our canines are small in comparison with most animals, there are reasons. We have opposable thumbs, which allows us to manipulate items unlike all non-primates. I mean no disrespect as I have no ill-will towards vegetarians, it's their personal choice (however I'm still a little worried about macrobiotics).

    "I got no dukes" -the goat

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    Shaolin Master Guest

    Anatomy Hah:)

    Teeth Hah (that's the beginning) but
    Our intestines are too long though !!!!

    Peace as always
    Hehehe just for fun

    Shi Chan Long

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    Taijimantis Guest


    While I agree, Shi Yanming's personal life and martial being are two completely seperate entities, one probably having little to do with the other, my curiosity of the things I have read so far is still getting the better of me...

    I will not dissagree that humans are omnivores. But I will not agree that we ate meat for our main source of protein originally. I cant argue that it happened, but theoretically, primitive humans were not necissarily as smart as we like to think. Hunting would have been a great task, involving much teamwork and the realization that failure was likely to be the case most of the time. Until technology advanced to the point where people could make successfull kills on a regular basis, nuts and seeds were likely the main source of food, along with whatever animal flesh could have been scavanged.

    Most of the Anthropologists and Archaeologists I have at my disposal would agree. The hunting party came back empty handed more often than not.

    The fact still remains that human beings lack many of the enzymes needed to efficiently digest most meat. Chicken and fish are much more easily assimilated than say Black Angus, but the physiology just isnt there like it used to be... why? Because we are still evolving.

    It is the evolution of human beings that I am hinting at here. We, Like our martial systems have evolved over the years.

    As for macrobiotics, I can tell you this;
    My wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer--a common and slow growing variation that when not treated leads to infertility, and has the potential to spread and become dangerous like any other.
    We went to a friend who is proficient in asian medicine and macrobiotics. FOur months later with a macrobiotic lifestyle, the cancer was gone. In my experience, coincidences dont just happen.

    On Shi Yan Ming: It was my understanding that he renounced his vows when he took on a family, and then went back to the temple. I could be wrong (I often am ) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    On my personal feelings;
    It is possible. I try hard not to involve them in matters such as these. I personally dont tell peple to eat meat or not to eat it. Personally I find it disgusting and horrible that a being as evolved and civilized as we like to think we are would take the life of another being just to satisfy a craving that can be satisfied elswhere in another way. But it is not my decision to make. If I was to tell people how to eat, I feel that I would be no better than the pro lifer who bombs an abortion clinic or shoots a doctor. Its just not right ya know?
    Its not my Karma. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    I was not offended, and I hope I do not offend. I just feel that the influence of Western culture has spread too far. Ours is a society based on gain. We like everything big. Big cars, big houses, big bank accounts. I feel Our personal "freedoms" (which I am not even certain we really have here in the west--especially after the recent election) have interfered with our spiritual wellbeing.

    However, as per the whole thing being "off the subject." in any way, let me toss out this juicy little tidbit; Shi Golin said "Kung Fu and Buddhism are one in the same."

    May peace be your guide, may serenity light your path.

    Namaste Brothers and sisters. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    HuangKaiVun Guest
    I think the Dalai Lama himself (definitely somebody high in the Tibetan hierarchy) eats meat - he was advised to do so by his doctors, as the Tibetan physique is accustomed to high levels of meat.

    When one consumes vegetation, that is also consuming "life".

    And the notion that humans "lack many of the enzymes necessary to digest meat" is incorrect from a medical standpoint. Our systems (including those of Buddhist vegetarians) have all the machinery needed to take a piece of meat and break it all the way down to simple amino acids, lipids, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

    I belong to no official sect of Buddhism. But I live by the one important fact of Buddhism: one should live life to its fullest extent the way it was meant to be lived by a human being.

    This is why I state that Buddhism isn't about denial and rules - it's about doing the best thing for yourself. And depending on your point of view, the best thing for yourself is often the best thing for everything around you as well.

    In the ox-herding pictures of Zen, the final level isn't the blank page (denial). The final level is the return to the world - and the new appreciation for every little thing that goes on before our senses.

    What happens when you meditate? You become acutely aware of everything as you try to still your mind. If you are meditating with others, you hear their breathing. If you are meditating alone, you observe the passage of images before your brain.

    Were silencing one's mind the ultimate goal of Buddhism, we might as all kill ourselves now and go "flatline". That, in a way, is "oneness with all".

    On the other hand, it's not as fun as being AWARE of the world around us - which separates us from the inaminate objects and even many animals that are made from the same materials as us.

    Humans have the gift of PERCEPTION. Buddhism helps train one to appreciate that gift - and to use it to his best advantage in his limited stay on that state.

    Only by being AWARE of everything around us can we realize "oneness with all" - and denial is but a stepping stone (tool) toward that end.

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    Taijimantis Guest
    Again I wish not to offend, but your philosophy isnt one that I have ever heard before.
    Since my teacher is rather high in the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy, I would think that I would have heard if His Holiness was eating meat. I would be interested to know where you get your information. I would also be interested to hear the scriptures you are basing your statements on.
    Perhaps it is a denomination of Buddhism of your own design?
    I do not presume to speak for all Buddhists when I say these things, but nowhere have I found that the job of a human being is to "live life at its fullest" Smsara is an illusion. To enjoy the fruits of an illusion is pointless. While I am not saying happiness is pointless, it just seems to me that you are taking bits and pieces of things and forming them to the way you find appealing. Again I am not trying to be offensive. Only to better understand your point of veiw. When you said you belonged to no individual discipline of Buddhism it made me wonder.

    As pr plants being life... yes they are, but they are not recognized as sentient life. They do not have a spirit while they do have energy.
    It has been my experience that when people present that tired arguement it usually means that they eat meat and they like the taste or otherwise enjoy it, and they do not want to stop.
    I suspect this may be the case here.

    Do what you like my friend. But I would be interested to see where you are getting your facts. The medical ones are heresay... on both parts. Like any statistic, I can find a number that will prove anything you want to see, they are all subject to interpitation. But your ideas on Buddhist life I find quite facinating.

    Like I said before, its not my karma. Perhaps you are just a little young yet [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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