The Shaolin monks did not "return from the fields", ok may 1 or two, but most of the masters
left the country. What is mainly practiced at the Shaolin temple is contemporary Wushu(sport), and perhaps a fragment or two of actual Shaolin kung fu. The Chinese government was opposed to organizations such as Shaolin Temple because, the
Shaolin temple was controlled by aristocratic families, who had maintained lineage for centuries, some since the time Bodhi Dharma showed up. This is why the government tried to assassinate the masters of these families. The shaolin are secretive in that they train only those who truly wish to persue Shaolin tradition. But not everyone who claims to be shaolin in the yellow pages is lagit, they are more often not. Shaolin, do not open franchises with the intent to sellout their tradition, It is more important to have a competent successors than to make a buck