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Thread: Shaolin (again)

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    Ben Gash Guest

    Shaolin (again)

    I recently bought the video of the Shaolin "Wheel of Life" tour that is currently on it's second extended run here.
    I must say I was shocked! I was expecting at worst a competent display of modern wushu, but they were terrible! They were acrobats, with no martial skills whatever! I've tried, and I'm simply unable to throw a punch as badly as they did. Their fighting demonstrations were laughable, and their 2 man weapon work showed a complete lack of understanding (doing a head on hard block with a straight sword against a 9 ring chopper doesn't work! ). They're supposed iron body demonstrations consisted of parlour tricks, and there's simply only so long you can watch acrobatics for.
    And the sleeve proudly proclaimed: "Ordained monks from the shaolin temple"
    I've seen 10 year olds with more skill.

    "Weapons are the embodiments of fear,
    the wise use them only when they have no choice"
    Lao Tzu

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    danny from miami Guest

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    Kung Lek Guest
    yep, bitter reality there eh ben?

    I believe the current head abbot "shi p.t barnum" is proud of this latest release though. hahahahahahahahaha.

    Keep in mind though that there are genuine martial arts practiced at the temple.
    Though they do not do the 'roadshow" with such things, they are not flashy enough and there are not enough of them doing the traditional Shaolin arts in and around the temple.

    while thre are 1000's of wu shu students all around the temple, there are also masters in shaolin village who teach genuine martial arts and the curriculum of Shaolin has maintained some traditional teachings.

    I whole heartedly agree that the "showboating" demonstrators aren't even doing the contemporary wu shu much in the shows anymore going more for a look like the famous chinese acrobats shows of the 70's and 80's.

    ah, well, must practice my html kung methods now, hahahaha, no jumping there.


    Kung Lek

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    8stepsifu Guest

    showboating MA

    WHat??? Isn't that what Buddah taught? Arent those the teachings of "The Illustrious One"? I could have sworn that I heard of Buddah breakin bricks for Jesus and charging admission.....oh wait that was the 700 club....silly me:)

    8Step Sifu

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