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Thread: korean style of shao-lin kung fu

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    sorimsa Guest

    korean style of shao-lin kung fu

    hi,i have an enormous doubt, since two months i'm taking classes of a korean style of kung fu called sorimsa
    supposedly based in shaolin methods from a
    temple in korea...i need to find info about this temple and this style of kung fu, history and lineage...
    thnx in advance...

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    8stepsifu Guest

    If it has anything to do with "Iron Kim" run

    I know a long term student of Iron's and he's completely worthless, the only way he can pull off his sucky techniques are on weaker girls.

    If your not bleeding, your not having enough fun.

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    UberShaman Guest
    Iron Kim is really Ashida Kim otherwise known as Ashida Kimchee.. remember you saw it on KFO first..

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    sorimsa Guest


    The style use korean terminology
    the name sorim-sa means shaolin-si in chinese
    it is a good mix of northern and southern
    styles, maybe a little more northern (because
    of his kicking techniques, it is korean)
    the do-bok (uniform) does not use any emblem
    it just have three red lines (a la adidas)
    in the arms noticing the combative inclination of the style, we spar very often, every class, or twice a class, depends of the weater, we are in summer in argentina and there is a lot of heat around here ;-)
    and every technique is maked in a two guys
    practice, late at the class, bfor finish, we spar.
    this style is based heavily in animals movements, as i note:
    the basic form is called kee man je (or something)
    it is, in this order:
    horse stance
    bow and arrow stance
    crane stance
    cat stance
    dragon stance
    the second (which is the one i'm learning now) is called so kom (or something, again)

    the only doubt i have is the lineage of this style the path that was followed by the original masters.
    the name of the master that get that style style to argentina is named kong (the only i know, will try to find info about he)
    anyway i will try to get a little more info of the style with my sabom (sifu).

    PS: sorry mi english ;-)

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    MonkeySlap Too Guest

    Never heard of it

    Any chance you can post pictures?

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