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Thread: Northern Expeditions(KYC Northern Shaolin Legecy Continues)

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    Northern Expeditions(KYC Northern Shaolin Legecy Continues)

    What was "Yim Sheng Mo's" favorite weapon? and why?P

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    The Sword

    Because Yim Shan Wu was short and not muscular as compare to other martial artist, he favored the shorter weapons because they were lighter to use. In 1932, Kuo Yu Chang gave Yim Shan Wu his favorite sword, Seven Star Sword which was so sharp that it could cut a penny in half in midair. This sword became Yim’s favorite weapon and he practice the sword everyday. However this same sword was left with relative who was also his student, in Canton when Yim left for Hong Kong in 1957. He never saw this sword again. This was a high price to pay to leave China.

    In his later years, Yim Shan Wu’s favorite weapon set was the stright sword, specifically, Tai Yu Sword. However, in his younger years of fifty-five years old, there is a recorded incident where Yim Shan Wu defeated a robber with his staff. This incident occur when Yim Shan Wu was a security guard transporting goods to Yunmen Province. This was his first real job after he left Kuo Yu Chang’s school in 1932-33.


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