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Thread: Shakespeare Chan

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    Shakespeare Chan

    All information and pics etc on Shakespeare Chan (Xu Wei Peng) greatly appreciated

    he taught at philoppines chin wu athletic association among other.

    thanking you

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    This is taken from the Mantis cave,

    Xu Wei Peng

    His name is romanized also as:
    She Wei Ping / Huey Wai Pang / Shakespeare Chan.
    Born in Brazil, he moved to the Philippines where he grew up. In his youth he moved to Hong Kong where he studied White Crane, Hong Jia and Qi Xing Tang Lang under shifu Zhao Zhi Min (Chiu Chi Man).
    In the mid-1960's he was invited to return to the Philippines to teach at the Philippine Ling Nam Athltetic Association.
    In 1971 shifu Xu Wei Peng leaded a Philippines wushu team that competed in the International Tournament in Taiwan, which got the second place.
    Shifu Xu Wei Peng taught in the Ling Nam Association until in the 70's, when he left that club to form his own club, associated to the Jing Wu organization.
    Shifu Xu Wei Peng is highly respected by his shifu, who has praised him in public. The flag shifu Xu Wei Peng offered to his master still be admired by all in Zhao Zhi Min's house. He still lives in the Philippines but he has dedicated to his toy business and he does not teach actively.

    Additionally , his student has a tape available with a couple of sets.
    Sifu Carl

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    Please~ .....................

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    etc etc

    Geoff Pike

    etc etc

    thank you~

    Bak Tong Long and Hung Gar n Hei Gung (Qi GOng)

    I *think* also his student in QLD Australua in 1980s?

    Thank You~

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    There is a good thread with articles and old photos of Chan sifu over at
    Sorry i don't remember which category it's under but you can just do a search. It's
    not a very old thread. I think Franky Lau who lives in the Philipines started the thread. maybe you can pm him for contact info, etc.
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    yep,i also uploaded plenty of articles on and from Shakespear Chan...

    see here....

    also,theres a student of Chan Sifu in the US teachin at Jing Woo (not sure where) ,Sifu Franco Rivera.

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    Thanks! Jow, Lau

    Lau - Thanks for sharing those articles etc!!

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