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Thread: practicing forms vs imaginary opponent?

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    jeoffrey04 Guest

    practicing forms vs imaginary opponent?


    i have learned 4 attack patterns and their 4 defense patterns
    of Shaolin Kung Fu:

    Black Tiger Steals Heart <> Single Tiger emerges from cave
    Poisonous Snake shoots venom <> Beauty looks at mirror
    Precioius Duck swims through Lotus <> False leg hand sweep
    Golden Star at corner <> Immortal emerges from cave

    ive read and have been told to practice them vs an imaginary opponent at first, instead of on my little brother.. ive tried this but it just doesnt seem right. im not sure if im practicing correctly .. i picture someone constantly punching with black tiger and sometimes throwing in a precious duck but is this right? should i be imagining just one form at a time? or all of them and just surprising myself? im not sure it just feels a little wierd

    if you know a sufficient way to practice and improve on these forms using them against an imaginary opponent, please dont hesistate to help



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    Sum Sing Wong Guest
    I think it comes with in time when you first learn the form you want too make sure that what your doing is in it or if you just made it up out of the blue. I usually imagin someone attacking me and as I'm doing the form me doing counters and blocks, also I see the Old Batman show thing when it goes WHAM! right when I attack, also I do sound effects with it this is to the help of too many kung Fu movies and getting hit in the head to much :D

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    phoenix-eye Guest
    Are you learning the patterns from "Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu" by Wong Kiew Kit by any chance? Techniques seem familiar...

    Anyway, try to interpret the techniques as if you were fighting one or more opponents. I do what Sum Sing Wong does. (Without the Whams and Kaaaapows though....I tend to use Thwwwaack!!). Imagine someone kicking and punching you as you do the form.

    Basic rule - your lead hand often block while the rear hand or foot counter attacks. If you cant see the obvious attacking reason for a hand movement think about what it might be doing in defense. When you have sorted this out imagine your opponent doing these attacks etc while you are doing the form.

    Its hard to explain but you'll probably learn more by thinking about all the individual uses of your techniques than for your Sifu to show you one particular application.

    "Ow! That chafes!!!"

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    jeoffrey04 Guest

    thanks for the replies

    actually its from The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu, also by Wong Kiew Kit

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