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Thread: Shaolin Kung Fu Only

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    shimera Guest
    personally i don't really give a flying f**k what ppl think of me on this forum, or anyother. *no offence*
    but i don't care what ppl think of me on or off the net. you either accept me as who i am or get out of my way. because i'm not about ready to change for anyone.

    and you Moq i've heard enough of you. you are the biggest hypocrite ever, becuz while you are the one denouncing everything. *which i can't blaim you for 100%* at the same time though you preach more on this forum than anyone else telling us what to believe and what not to believe i've heard about enough of you.

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    Tekarius Guest
    Thx Grasshopper for the email man.

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    MoQ Guest

    Well, thanks for all your valuable input...

    ...not that any of your crap deserves a response. I should stop telling you what to believe and let you make up your own mind. Now take your time and don't hurt yourself... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif[/img]

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    MoQ Guest

    too bad I can't delete this last post...

    I'm not trying to taunt the kid or attack anyone's Shaolin Fantasies.

    and I can see that my responses to presentations the likes of Shao Lin-Do(tm) and ShaolinMaster(tm) and SHAOLIN.COM really rub some folks the wrong way, but if someone posts a link, or makes a bunch of claims, or brings up a Topic for discussion, I'm going to post whatever response I have and if you can't handle the straightforwardness, don't just whine about, post your equal opinion.

    Simply, in order for me to be properly termed "negative", I would have to be negating something that was widely accepted as positive. This is not the case with any of these three QUITE questionable presentations.

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