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Thread: Attn; Heming - san shou?

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    chung2 Guest
    What's in a name...? As long as Heming's description about sanshou is correct, does it really matter how it is literally translated?

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    Because he's supposed to be a Chinese "Shaolin Secular Diciple". And not speaking the language really puts doubt on his Chineseness.


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    chung2 Guest
    Maybe he preferred to translate it more freely with "free movement" because when you translate it too litterally with "free hand", it is not directly understandable for outsiders..
    But anyway, this thread is becoming more like a "My-Chinese-is-better-than-your-Chinese-contest" don't you think...?

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    laughing tiger Guest
    I only know Heming from his posts, here. If anyone has trouble believing he is chinese, at Shaolin, a deciple of Shi Heng Jun...the answer is just one phone call away.... (I wonder if anyone would actually call)

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    laughing tiger Guest has been posted numberous times....he is NOT a monk..... r e a d the posts, please. Thanx

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    DragonzRage Guest
    Wo da zhong wen be nee da hao!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Heming Guest
    how come here comes a word game?
    I have my understanding and personally I think my understanding is deeper since I studied ancient Chinese for 4 years in China...
    and my master Shi Heng Jun agree with my definition with Shan Shou...he said Shan shou created in Song Dynasty, National Hero Yue Fei has his own style called "Yue's Shanshou".

    if you want the dictionary definition:
    San:come loose dispel disperse disseminate fall apart give out scatter
    Shou:a bunch of fives fist hand manus mauley pud

    what meaning can you find from dictionary?

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    lkfmdc Guest
    YAWN... I have a master's in East Asian Studies and also studied Chinese. SHOU means hand, pure and simple. Don't care what your government appointed so called monk says.

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    mantis boxer Guest
    Shou or Sau is hand. Look at the wing chun movements, PAK SAU, BONG SAU, CHI SAO. There's a good one. Chi Sao is sticky hand!! No one ever called it sticky five family fist or whatever. HINT< HAND=sau. (cantonese) In mandarin it's (whatever CHI is) ____ and Shou.

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    jeez haha I wouldn't expect anything less if I said I was training at Shaolin. Its kind of funny though that everyone jumps on Heming first chance they get. You could just question his answers instead of attacking them. I hope you control your fists better than your words.

    I don't know Chinese myself, but half of the English language is made up of words with double meanings. So yeah, this might not be relevant, but the most obvious meaning isn't always what's meant.

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    Movement is supposed to come from the character hand?


    I haven't studied ancient chinese, but I do know mandarin, and I'm not seeing it. Even looking really really closely at the characters.

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    DragonzRage Guest
    I try to hold myself respectfully as much as I can. But I'm sorry, I will not turn a blind eye to a faker just out of common courtesy. If you are not being truthful then why do you deserve tolerance?

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    lkfmdc Guest
    By the way "movement" is YUN DONG.. Not even CLOSE to SAN SHOU...

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    denali Guest

    even the english word "hand" can be used in a number of different ways.

    i broke my hand.

    hand it over.

    that handyman is sure handy.

    if every word only had one way of using it, there would be a whole lot more words.

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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    qy Guest
    nice point Denali

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