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Thread: Attn; Heming - san shou?

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    chung2 Guest
    Isn't this discussion a bit childish? Instead of dicussing about the subject San Shou you all want to show which translation is best, and how good your Chinese language is etc... So what? Does this mean that you really know what San Shou is, just because you can translate words literally?
    At least Heming is the only one of this thread who has given a reasonable explanation of what San Shou is about, and that cannot be said for the rest of you, with your "excellent Chinese language..."

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    mantis boxer Guest
    Nice point denali but this is not english ok. If you don't know Chinese dont post on this.

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    MoQ Guest
    Half of a translation is English...jeez
    Why isn't Heming on here pointing out everyones crappy use of English?

    This pettiness is just a smokescreen to hide childish jealousy and abject denial is just dripping down the pillars of THIS Forum...

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    bean curd Guest
    unless they are different characters than the ones ikfmdc has shown, gotta agree with whats been said, san sau is free sparring, the last character means only one thing hand.

    personnaly don't care what hemming is or isn't, accuracy is important in all aspects of life, why not this, especially in the context of who is making the statement, and by what they are claiming.

    maybe his referance is to a style interpretation of chi yin mun (nature boxing) by the greats' du xin wu and wan lai sheng.

    sau is hand!!!!!

    goi gin

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    lkfmdc Guest
    The point is that our dear Shaolin disciple is one of those people who tries to make San Shou something mysterious and abstract. It is not. San Shou is two things;

    1. In the general, it is the applications of the movements/techniques but NOT in a pre arranged way. It is sparring and real fighting. All TCMA systems practice san shou in this sense.

    2. The current sport of San Shou originates from the Chinese military close quarters combat program which was begun in 1927. Finding not only what TCMA techniques worked best but also how to train people the most efficiently to fight with them they developed the San Shou program. The sport aspect was to actually develop the skills by using them all the time and learning to defend against a live, aggressive opponent.

    There are a heck of a lot more techniques to San Shou than 15! Also, if you are not fighting it is very hard to take anything you say about San Shou seriously. It would be like a guy talking about swimming who has never been in the water.

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    chung2 Guest
    Finally, we're really talking about the subject San Shou, well done!

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    GinSueDog Guest
    Hahaha...I totally agree, who is more qualified to speak about boxing Lennox Lewis or that guy down the street that watches it on espn and owns a pair of boxing shorts [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] Now can you tell us what exactly is Monkey Kung Fu as I haven't gotten a straight answer yet, thanks.-ED

    "The grappling arts imply most fights end up on the ground...take them there. The striking arts imply all fights start standing up...keep them there. The mixed martial arts imply any fight can go ready and able to go everywhere."-a mix martial artist

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    lkfmdc Guest
    REAL Monkey kung fu? You mean Dai Sing Pek Gwa Myuhn? Well, that's a whole new thread but let's just say this for now.

    Dai Sing Pek Gwa Myuhn is what Sifu Chan Sau Chung formerly of Hong Kong does.

    It sure aint what Paulie Zink does...

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    denali Guest
    Ok. I won't post here Mantis Boxer.

    All I was saying was:

    I think that learning and studying a language is much different than actually living in a culture which uses it constantly. By only studying the language, you don't pick up on slang/metaphors/whateverelse.

    If I was to translate the english saying "it's a whole different ballgame" to chinese. I might look foolish. Maybe they would say "ballgame? what ballgame? we're not playing a ballgame?"

    Languages have things called regionalisms.
    Australia, the USA, Canada, and Britain all have different slangs/sayings that they use, although (this is important) they all speak the same language! You really can't translate everything in a language literally.

    Although I don't speak Chinese, I think that this is a valid point. So sorry for posting after you told me not to, sir.

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    bean curd Guest
    ah yes, dai sheng pak kwa moon, chan shau chung, kau sei, gan duc hoi, now thats is a thread worthy of talking about. the five sets of hull kuen, very nice indeed.

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    Heming Guest
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