Modern wushu mearly refers to anyone who uses modern wushu training tecniques as a base for their martial arts. You can still be a modern wushu artist without giving up your traditional style. Many of the pro wushu players are also excellent at traditional styles too. Also as for my remark about the monks being amatuer wushu athletes it's true. If they were good enough they would have been placed on pro teams by the government at a young age.
Almost every form I have seen practiced by the monks are new forms created after the creation of modern wushu using what was considered to be the best aspects of each style.
I do agree that it's hillarious that anyone would say the monks are rich. And the monks are legal monks certified by the government. But I can see why someone would claim that they aren't true monks if even half of what I've heared about their behavoir is true. And it hasn't helped anyones view of the monks that there are all kinds of phoney shaolin monks touring around the world. I do like what Shi Goulin is doing in New York by opening up a legitament branch of the Shaolin Temple.