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Thread: Real Shaolin?

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest

    Real Shaolin?

    Think Shaolin still has real monks, are buddhist so worldly? If your ready to stop fantasizing, read this article on msnbc!

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest

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    qy Guest
    2 threads same topic?
    Long live Shaolin!!!!

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    Yes, long live Shaolin!, but which one?

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    MoQ Guest
    "Shaolin" is just a symbol. Symbols STAND for something. If it means NOTHING to you, you must make up your own MA and call it "kung fu" to avoid looking silly.

    The most ridiculous thing is to assume that the "Shaolin" destroyed in 1928 was "real"... But then again the West was in bed with the Chings against the Chinese anyway... So we have always funded BS in the East and now who's surprised about what???

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    Heming Guest
    this time I am very serious!!!

    This is Heming from Shaolin Temple,
    I met Brook Larmer---the author of the linked article on the latest Newsweek last week in Hong Kong. And as he required, I also arranged a meeting for him with my master Shi Heng Jun when master was doing a seminar for Hong Kong Sci. & Tech. University. He is a very nice person and the 2nd day he even invited me for lunch and he asked many questions about Shaolin Temple and my masters... what I can't understand is...why the media only trying to dig out the dark side of a thing or a person to catch the attention of public?

    Newspaper will only report the news of a man bite a dog but not a dog bite a man...

    that's what you guys waiting to read on such a big magazine?

    Buddha bring peace back to Shaolin Temple...

    I also wish Mr. Larmer will read this message I post here, and also, welcome to visit Shaolin Temple again, let me show you the bright side, if you interested, dear friend!

    Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
    Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
    Tel: +86(371)2749172
    Fax: +1(212)98143
    ICQ#: 17145752

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    Heming Guest
    oh, cool, I didn't notice that my name" Zhu Heming" was also mentioned in the article...since when I became a salesman and dear Mr.Larmer, didn't you ever asked one of those half dozen foreign disciples that if I lured them to come or what?

    and I can't remember that if you ever promised me that you will not publish my name and my master's name on your Newsweek...

    Email me back please and I need friend...also I wish to correct several mistakes made in your article made me so sad when I am reading your article [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

    Buddha bless Shaolin!

    Heming from Shaolin Temple

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest

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    Heming Guest
    self-thinking follower...

    Shaolin lives, only from Songshan!!!
    who are you and why you love to see Shaolin's reputation dying fast? I don't understand what is all your words for...

    will you please explain?

    Heming the defender

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    I am a practitioner of Shaolin fighting methods unblemished by government sport requirements or restrictions. Unconcerned with monetary gain for rebuilding temples to con dreaming fools like you. Your not native to China are you? Yet like all lackeys you defend something for your "MASTERS". Afro-americans, in the past, had a name for those who did that for their "MASTERS", it was an "UNCLE TOM". Now in China we have "UNCLE HEMING". Heming, why dont you go back to your country and read those "defender" comic books. Songshan is only a historical site! and Heming, YOUR NOT A MONK!, YOUR NOT A MONK, YOUR NOT A MONK! and yes you have stated this, now listen to your own words, YOU ARE NOT A MONK!

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    Heming Guest
    wait dear self-thinking follower,
    guess you still don't know who I am...

    firstly, let me tell you that my dad is a Chinese, and my mum is also Chinese, and I was born in China, so do you still think I am not a Chinese?

    if I want to make money, I will go to do business but not stay in songshan mountain and train myself in mud...what do you think?

    and you also saying that Shaolin kung fu is blemished by government sport requirements or restrictions, do you really believe that?
    do you think anybody can really change Shaolin kung fu as they want? I really wish that you can come to visit us and I do wish to let my master Shi Heng Jun to show you the real stuff but not those you watched from movies...or so called Chinese wushu show.

    Yes, I am not a monk and I will never be a MONK, why should I discard my family away?
    what I am doing in Shaolin Temple is to helping masters to rebuild the fame of Shaolin and also do my little effort to promote the treasure of we Chinese to the world...thanks for talking with me, before you make another comment, please learn more about Shaolin first, dear friend...

    I also recommend you to visit Dr. Richards Site at:

    Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
    Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
    Tel: +86(371)2749172
    Fax: +1(212)98143
    ICQ#: 17145752

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    Heming, you misguided soul, I will answer your questions in order.

    Question #1 - I still have my doubts, but where in China did you grow up?

    Question #2 - Shaolin Marketing is now very lucrative, also Shaolin fantasy and daydreaming are at their peak! Especially with the travel packages you guys offer!

    Question #3 - DEFINATELY SO!

    Question #4 - This has been done for ages, do you not believe in 18 Lohan and 5 animal fists of shaolin folklore? Were these not changes to shaolin kung fu? Perhaps you posted the wrong question, since shaolin even according to your own words in other threads has been open to oustside developments. Am I right? Did I misinterpret why western and even Korean and Japanese methods are now practiced at Shaolin?

    Question #5 - Been there twenty years ago, as a TOURIST!, they were still reconstructing and there was'nt much to see.
    Of course perhaps these monks were hidden, secretly practicing Taekwon-Do or reinventing the wheel. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] Now of course you have hundreds of pseudo monks, lay followers and "Folk masters" [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] all suspiciously dressed in monk garb, what gives? Trying to fool someone? Lets not even mention the circus like touring groups, now only led by an "official monk" but consisting of Lay and folk masters doing their best to look like real monks and fool who? We dont have to travel to Songshan to see this, do we?

    Please give your master Shi Heng Jun's non- buddhist name and background, there are a lot of mainland chinese who really do have gung fu and unfortunately have been recruited to endorse this farce. Some are even dreaming of the fame. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

    Why not build your family fame and fortune instead of that of the governments shaolin tourist attraction? SHAOLIN IS ALREADY FAMOUS, you guys are making it infamous! ;( Many people are only familiar with the legends but after seeing you guys, they laugh and say shaolin is OVERATED!, wake up Heming, wake up!

    Once again Heming, WAKE UP!

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    Oh, Heming I forgot to correct your assumption on me watching movies, I dont take any movies or documentaries for fact.
    I do note when documentaries made by the chinese government contradict their current claims. Also I have seen the real shaolin, it exsists in the MANY TREASURES, of chinese gung fu preserved all over the world and it is far ahead of the shaolin wushu propagated at Songshan, IMHO!

    Are there any practioners of shaolin derived Kung Fu out there?

    Are you willing to have, what you do, called non-shaolin, by new squatters at Songshan? Its going to happen!

    "The new generation of Shaolin are like the Borg of Star trek- they assimilate" You know what happens if you dont throw in with them, right? They force you into it "resistance is futile" [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    MoQ Guest
    Heming's art is Shaolin because he studies at the Temple. MANY MA's are called "Shaolin" for none other than a mere selling point. Myriad styles have roots at the Temple, but pretty much everyone knows that the term "Shaolin" is applied to alot of faceless arts for no other reason than to call forth a fantasy image of the Temple where Heming studies. Why? Well, to attract people that don't know any better.

    All you Shaolin-Do, Shaolin Kempo, Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin 5 Animals, Shaolin Chuan Fa, American Shaolin Kempo Karate, Shaolin this, Shaolin that, Shaolin whathaveyou people lay off Heming. If HE has no right to the name, who are YOU???????
    IF your teacher is legit, you are a freakin' embarrassment...

    The Shaolin Warriors of the past were NEVER good Buddhists.

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    Lost_Disciple Guest
    Yo Heming,

    My sifu (Jeff Hughes), my sigung (Ray Fogg), Steve Cotrell, Lily Lau, and many others will be over at Shaolin temple in about a month. I hope you can check them out, and let me know what you think of them and their performance.

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