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Thread: Shaolin Kung Fu

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    Peter Guest

    Shaolin Kung Fu


    I live in The Netherlands and found a Shaolin Kung Fu school in my area. I went to see a training recently and was quite impressed. But since I do not have any experience in Kung Fu I might be easily impressed...
    The person that teaches there is Joost Warsanis and he has been trained by Shi Xing Peng. Since my knowledge about Kung Fu is limited I would like to know if these names sound familiar to anyone. Could someone also advise me on what I have to pay attention to if I am looking for a Kung Fu school?


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    Kung Lek Guest

    check out his website and decide from there...


    Joost has a website that pretty much covers most of what his school is all about.
    The address is

    Other than that, keep asking questions and reading books and magazines that go into various descriptions of what Kung Fu acheivement is about.


    Kung Lek

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