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Thread: Tai Chi realistic self-defense or just good relaxation?

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    Bruce and Chris,

    That gives me a lot to think about.

    'It's about flowing with what "is" rather than what we wished would have been.'

    I'm working on that. It's hard.

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    [i]Originally posted by 8gates

    Any "real time" sparring with a partner is better then "just" solo practice. [/B]
    This is wrong. Sparring is obviously important to applying tchniques well especially againt equally skilled opponents, but not as important as correct technique. Sparring will not mean that you know all the profound truths of combat or that you can't be shown something new from a different style you haven't already seen . This leads to people claiming internal and external styles have no differece , or are based on the same energy . If you spar all the time without proper technique , you will still suck against someone who spars little but knows proper technique. I have seen on the internet that some aspects of fajin are basically only totally known by a few people . I've just seen way too much talk by ignorant people who are quick to criticize others they don't understand , or they can't see exactly how the people are good . Like redirecting a punch will be better than slapping a punch in a form, in training , or in sparring . These people claim that a style that "rages" , or has rage energy, will desroy your average taiji expert because he doesn't spar, and any bjj will easily take down even a good taiji fighter maybe even chen masters . I think internal energy and proper technique is more important.
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