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Thread: Meditation

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    TjD Guest

    meditation - interesting thing

    ok i had an interesting experience while meditating the other night... and was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience

    i was doing normal sitting meditation - with a focus on trying to be aware of specific parts of my body

    i was concentrating on my head for awhile, then i started to concentrate on the area where my 3rd eye (brow chakra) is located... then i felt a ball of energy traveling over some line around the back of my head to my crown chakra

    i was wondering if this could be a meridian or something like that

    has anyone else had experiences with this? perhaps when concentrating on different organs or systems in their body?

    i was thinking mabye this is how all those old chinese men found out all them there pressure points and such things :)


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    Nexus Guest


    The mind created something subjective and you took it too literally. For thousands of years, the eastern world accessed the spiritual realm through etheogens as well as deep meditation. That was an explanation of mush of the talk in regards to what was seen in spiritual voyage. But, in regards to the chakras/meridians and so forth, that came from thousands of years of testing in acupuncture and acupressure.

    What you saw was likely a distraction or created by the mind, and should probably be dismissed as such.

    Clarity/Peace of Mind/Silence/Bliss/Serenity, that is meditation.

    This may not be the answer you were looking for, but its an answer none the less.
    - Nexus

    Freedom is what you do with what is done to you. - Sartres

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    o Guest

    just wondering...

    Nexus, what's an etheogen? Do you mean entheogen? Also, do you know of any sources which trace the development of eastern spiritualism (including mysticism, qigong, mind training, religions, medicine, and all the rest...).


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    o Guest

    something I wanted to add...

    Nexus, here is what I think I know about the development (refer to above post). From this, I hope you get the idea of what I mean when I ask for that type of source (again, see above post).

    From what I've seen, I think the origins of all this stuff is in India and the Indus Valley about 1000 B.C. (I'm not sure, however). There were ancient yogic systems back then and supposedly wall-carvings of people in the lotus posture. Then so-called barbarians came from the north. Eventually the 2 cultures mixed. Then travel was made to China and thus the Chinese shaman emerged. Here, it eventually turned into Daoism and qigong. Of course Buddhism re-emerged in the 6th century B.C. with Shakyamuni or Siddhartha (the Buddha of this aeon). Anyway, I hope you get the idea of what I'm inquiring about

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    TjD Guest

    haha thanks:)

    hey i was just looking for opinions - you were probably right

    i always try to keep an open mind about such things anyhow - a correct answer is always better than the one i wanted

    i do understand what you mean - my mind is a pretty **** tricky SOB; it can find the weirdest things to distract me, after i get up from meditation i always have a good laugh about that :) (if only i could recognize it during! hah ;) )

    peace everyone :)

    if you never get into a fight,
    you can never be defeated,
    if you can never be defeated,
    you are invincible

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    prana Guest
    This is Samadhi.

    Do not become attached to it, do not crave for later. Remain aware and equanimous.

    It is a sign of progress, and arises differently in everyone. Some it feels as thin as a vein, for others, it is thick, like transformation of the whole torso into a heat channel.

    My experience was the latter.

    Did you find that everything was suddenly extremely beautiful and bright just after this experience ?

    Recognise the vivid blue lights of Lord Vairochana.
    Recognise the blinding white lights of Lord Aksobhya.
    Recognise the brilliant yellow lights of Lord Ratnasambhava.
    Recognise the fiery red lights of Lord Amithaba.
    Recognise the pure green lights of Lord Amoghasiddhi.

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    origenx Guest
    o - actually, as far as anyone knows, Taoism is indigenous and native to China. However, Buddhism is obviously an Indian import. As far as qigong, I'm not really up on the origins of that... In any case, over time, lots of these spiritual philosophies and energy techniques did all cross over and fuse together.

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    TjD Guest


    i didnt get that bright and beauitful thing... although ive had similar experiences

    i get the brightness all the time, but not the beautiful really


    if you never get into a fight,
    you can never be defeated,
    if you can never be defeated,
    you are invincible

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    joedoe Guest
    All sorts of things happen when you meditate. Notice them but don't 'try' to get them to happen again. They are just experiences on your path of growth.

    What we do in life echoes in Eternity

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    PlasticSquirrel Guest


    there are pathways for qi to go through your body in so many places. most likely, a part of a large one way opened. energy balls are just a shape that energy can be made into. a ball is a very natural one at that, and the one that will occur without intention

    i believe that when masters in the past were charting points and meridians, though, they simply saw them through their third eyes. in addition to looking into other dimensions, you can also look into this one, at the smallest bit of matter, or at our entire galaxy. of course, it is a long time before the third eye is opened and can be used in most schools of qigong.

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    dave the dragon Guest


    quote from bruce lee "dont think feeel"

    do your meditation and enjoy it dont wait for things to happen or have any expectations about what you think should happen "letting go"
    will reap the most reward.(in my experience.)consistency is the key.

    :D ;) :confused: :cool: :) etc!

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    TjD Guest

    oh i know

    thats what i do :) this was just something i experienced in the process of trying to let go and relax myself, not something i was aiming for

    i was just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences

    sorry if that came across wrong


    Receive what comes, Escort what leaves, and if there is an opening, rush in

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    Apr 2003


    What do you feel meditation is for and what is its purpose in your life? Do you think its JUST energy? Or does it involve something deeper?

    Thank you.
    Michael Johnson

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    Pittsburgh PA
    not just energy
    spiritual development.
    a book I personally love states "if meditation has no effect on our daily lives, its not worth the time"

    Meditation does not have to be formal sitting in the lotus position, I am best off if I try to stay in the here and now with a positive attitude all the time, and that is hard, very hard, so formal meditation is a practice method, all the other benefits are a bonus....
    Bless you

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    Sometimes we neglect to realize that "Meditation" is something we do.. for me, the issue is much more importantly, what are we trying to accomplish.. Too often people mistake the ritual of Meditation for the goal it strives to achieve.. we can become great chanters, super Lotus sitters, master visualizers, and yet never realize the benefits of Meditation.. keep the goal in mind..

    Be well...
    TaiChiBob.. "the teacher that is not also a student is neither"

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