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Thread: Are patterns useful?

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    Caleb TkD Guest

    Are patterns useful?

    I don't know whether kata/patterns are useful or not. Bruce lee doesn't seem to think they are useful at all.
    Well anybody ?

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    LeviathanX Guest
    I'm one of the few who feel forms do offer something to the martial artist. First of all, forms often focus on the "art" part of "martial art". In essence, where everything else is uniform and scientifically practical, forms allow for some artistic expression.

    Furthermore, forms are a pattern of movements that are supposed to mimic a true fighting situation. If you treat them as such, you will learn to maintain greater focus, speed, timing, and coordination in your movements. Unlike kicking practice, for instance, you are required to do many varying types of blocks and attacks within a short amount of time (picture it as sparring with an imaginary enemy).

    I think Bruce Lee was trying to develop the most practical "Fighting Method" not the best "martial art". There is a difference. There is more of a mental and spiritual side to "martial arts" than to "fighting methods".

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