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Thread: He throws the worlds slowest haymaker.....what do you do???

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    jojitsu27 Guest

    He throws the worlds slowest haymaker.....what do you do???

    O.K. here's a poll just for fun!
    Your in a bar, Tank Abott is **** drunk and bumps into as you are walking to get a beer. You try to apologize but he gets mad and throws a huge, slow haymaker at your head. If it will most likely die.
    What do you do?

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    8stepsifu Guest

    1 more?

    How about duck, and run like hell. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]

    8Step Sifu

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    jojitsu27 Guest

    good technique

    Good technique 8steps,
    but I forgot to mention that suddenly the door is locked and a million people stand in the way of your exit, so you have no choice but to defend yourself in some physical way!

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    ATENG Guest
    how about duck and smash your beer bottle in his face? or duck and crawl between his legs and out the back door. tank abbot...<shiver>

    Its all fun and games til someone loses an eye. Then its just fun.

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    jimmy23 Guest
    I would do what,who was it,vitor belfort or rizzo, did,go shoulder to shoulder with him,getting inside the punch,and bust his ass on the inside.Most guys like tank cant throw if you jam em and move em back,and stay REAL close.hes got no lead hook(most guys dont)and he has to draw back to hit .Actually ,this applies against a lot of the brawlers Ive fought .Just make sure that you know how to jam that punch or youll get some brain damage!Tank is a guy tailor made for a western boxer.
    A side note,Mike Tyson also has no balance moving back,if you ever see his losses,note that when he gets forced back his head pops right up.Easier said than done,but its a pretty serious weakness if a guy can exploit it.

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    shimera Guest

    assuming he is right handed, i reach with my left apply a wristlock, while i step behind him in a cat stance to apply a tiger paw, from the tiger paw, i hold his head back while keeping his wrist in the lock, thusly immobilizing him and applying allota pain to his spine.

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    8stepsifu Guest

    ON TANK?!?

    I would doubt very much that you could joint lock tank...some guys are just too big. Thats what hitting is for. Then you can lock them up.

    8Step Sifu

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    blacktsun Guest
    Worlds slowest haymaker? Easy, break the several places.....then break the arm some more.....

    "Do not worry about being known, rather, try to be someone worth knowing."

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    jimmy23 Guest
    oph yeah kemara ,thats right,i forgot!Do a jump spinning heel kick to the inside of the elbow,and follow with a spining backfist/foot sweep combo,and to end it apply a nerve grab to his left nipple.Thatll teach him!

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    LEGEND Guest


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    vingtsunstudent Guest
    well being a ving tsun man i would have to say that if it was slow & i was ready, i would not have to block if it was that slow, i would simple drive my bottom 3 knuckles as hard as i could into his lip & nose & then just keep hitting him in the hope that he would go down.(from what i've seen he seems to have one of those heads that just seems like it likes getting hit)

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    SCP Guest

    With my luck...

    I would probably try to bob and weave under it only to find when I rose back up, that the punch was so slow it hadn't passed overhead yet, and I was directly in it's path.

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    shimera Guest
    lol* i don't even know who tank abbot is.

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    jimmy23 Guest
    sorry sir,figured you knew who he was.Tank was one of the early UFC heavies.He was the ultimate streetfighting brawler,sloppy punches that crushed his foes and an aggressive groundstyle that focused on striking.Tank was beatable by seasoned,skilled fighters,but when he won he won big and ugly.Also really thuggish in appearence and and large(280 #)

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    premier Guest
    If it was the world's slowest haymaker, I doubt it could kill anyone..

    I'd propably just redirect his power so he ended up in the floor. or.. simply move away from the punch and ask "wow. where you learned that from? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]"

    PS. who is this.. abbutt guy? sounds like a farmer from Kansas..

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