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Thread: Acupuncture

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    Kungfu boy Guest


    Hello All

    I gotta question for all of you.

    What does acupuncture do for you? Relieve stress? What effects does it have?



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    kull Guest
    Acupuncture is only one modality of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which include herbs, tui na manipulation, and qi gong practice.

    TCM can relieve a whole spectrum of illnesses and disorders, from stress, infectious diseses, trauma, etc...

    Remember, before the introduction of contemporary medicine to china TCM was used for over 2500 years. Same diseases and disorders existed in the past as they do now.

    As to what effect does it have, it manipulates the bodies qi, jing, fluids, organs,etc...and brings the body back into harmony, if there is an imbalance. Or it expels a external pathogenic influence, if the cause is determined to be such.
    The effect is the same as any type of medicine, which is to heal the patient.

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    qimaster Guest

    what acupuncture has done for me.

    A number of months ago I had a compression fracture of my L4 vertebrae.

    I went to the local air force base and got treated.
    Their solution: an injection of toredol, to kill
    the pain, and rest. When I left there I was still hurting, doped up, and just a little better than when I went in.

    The very next day I was still in agony, so i went in to see an acupuncturist. One treatment is all I had.

    By the time the treatment was done (45 minutes of electro acupuncture), I had no more pain and was able to deal with a 12 hour flight to UK, 2 weeks of seminar teaching, and a flight back.

    Thank Buddha for acupuncture:)


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    origenx Guest
    My acquaintance had a similar dramatic experience. He had severe chronic tendonitis in by his right elbow that was starting to incapacitate the use of that arm. But all the Western doctors could offer was to *snip* the tendon! Honestly, Western medicine may SOUND advanced because of all the hi-tech machinery & drugs, but its basic theory is actually pretty crude. Find the SYMPTOM (pain, swelling, tumor, etc.) and DESTROY or REMOVE it - like a car mechanic or video game. Whereas TCM sounds a lot more lo-tech, but its theory is actually a lot more advanced.

    Anyways, on a whim, my buddy decided to try out this acupuncturist first, before subjecting himself to permanent crippling. Well, the guy stuck him up and down that side with moxibustion needles and he could just feel the heat go down to the elbow tendon. And lo and behold, after the treatment, he was basically cured! All this for a fraction of the time and cost with no side effects! And a real cure, not just pain-relief but permanent dysfunction.

    The only reason why Western medicine still carries so much weight is because it's traditional and is covered by insurance, whereas many types of TCM are not. There is a LOT of money and power at stake in this game!!

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    Kevin Wallbridge Guest
    Your question is a bit broad Brian. It could be answered wu=ith something as trite as "it heals you." On the other hand the answer could take several months of in depth study and explaination of Chinese medical theory.

    origenx, perhaps your condemnation of Bio-medicine goes a bit too far. The body-as-machine model can certainly lead to soem terrible or even grotesque treatments, but is still a powerful and useful medical approach. There are aspects of structural and functional anatomy that are very weak in Chinese medical theory. I think a blend of the two is a good approach, then the strengths of each modality can complement the other.

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    WongFeHung Guest
    I have had tremendous success with acupuncture on tendonitus (tennis elbow-for me, lion drum elbow) sciatica,and a damaged axilary nerve, which was agonizing me, even though my arm was immobilized in a sling-it hurt even when it didn't move-two sessions, and never bothered me again. My friend and mentor, Sifu Kenny Gong,(may he rest in peace)was the doctor, and I am still looking for someone as good. Anyone know someone in the NYC/LI area?

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    Kungfu boy Guest

    Thanks All

    I appreciate all the stories and explanations. I know it was a broad question but I didn't know how to exactly specify something, my knowledge is just really limited.

    Can anyone recommand any good reading materials on traditional chinese medicine or theory?

    Thanks Again


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    Kung Lek Guest

    this is a good book to begin with.
    The Web That Has No Weaver.
    ISBN 0809228408


    Kung Lek

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    in the mountains, I wish

    Current acupuncture use

    As the woman's world soccer championships are going on here just wanted to relate this. A friend who is a cop was working security on the field and he said he saw members of the Chinese(of course) American and German soccer teams getting needled on the sidelines during the game for injuries that were occuring during the games.
    Highly conditioned athletes using medicine that was recently added to two of the three's medical community. I'm sure those jocks could care less why or how or it works, they just know it works and helps them maintain athletic performance that few people reach.

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    acupuncture help


    i was curious about acupuncture and were i can learn acupuncture in England/London. i also wanted to know what sort of things it can cure and how it works.

    its not the destination that is important it is the journey getting there

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    Why don't you get a basic book about it first and learn the principles of it and then decide if you want to learn it.
    There are a few top quality colleges in the country and some quite naff colleges too.
    Good ones are: LCTA in London, SOFEA run by J.R.Worsley Jr,
    the C.I.C.M. in Reading run by John and Angela Hicks and Peter Mole, and the College in East Grinstead.

    Get prosepctuses from all of them as you will find that they all teach different styles of Acupuncture, from TCM, to Five Element Acupuncture to Stems and Branches style acupuncture.

    Read up well beforehand and then ask some more questions before you sign on any dotted line, by asking yourself if you really want to do this.
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    thanks for the advice repulsive monk great idea .

    P.S any info on acupucture books thanks.
    its not the destination that is important it is the journey getting there

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    Got Acupuncture Today

    From my chiropractor. After he hooked me up with about 15 minutes on an electrical muscle stimulator, he hit me with about 9 little needles. Felt good. Felt something pop, something else started to spasm.

    Overall, feels better than the regular treatment. We're gonna try this for a while, see what happens.

    Just fugging wish that whenever my chest started to heal, I could avoid fugging it up again. Would help my mood tremendously.

    God I miss training.
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    What happened to your chest in the first place, and then what do you accidently keep doing to it? (If you don't mind me asking)

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    What happened:

    At my black belt test, caught a kick to my solar plexus. It was rising at just the right angle to break the cartilage, tear some of the muscle around the rib, and to break the rib in two places.

    What keeps happening:

    I jar it. Usually when I'm driving, I'll hit a bump that'll pull the b!tch out of where it's supposed to be.

    It's coming around, though. The combination electroshock/acupuncture/prayer is working pretty good.
    BreakProof BackŪ Back Health & Athletic Performance

    "Who dies first," he mumbled through smashed and bloody lips.

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