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Thread: A Challenge

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by cerebus
    [B]Ya know backbreaker, the only one who ever said that anyone "sucked" was YOU

    Because NO ONE on EF said Gin Soon Taiji sucks and is laughable. I foun it funny, because when those people brought out their internet video clips, it was no better, if even as good.

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    "So you keep saying I was banned because I have SO much less experience in IMA than you guys"

    Really? When did I EVER say that (much less KEEP saying it)? Your major problem seems to be that you don't seem to know WHO is saying WHAT but you accuse people of saying things which they never said. I, for one, have said many times that my experience in the internal arts is much less than that of many (maybe most) of the other members on EF. I do, however, have more experience in some areas of combative experience than some of them.

    No one's ever been kicked off from EF for being inexperienced. YOU were booted for being an AZZ (like you were here). Why don't you go around badmouthing the people who banned you here? It's the same thing.

    Stop BEING an AZZ and people will stop treating you like one. Simple enough.

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    This discussion is polarized. If you're on their side, you agree with what they say to me.

    Yeah, it is the same thing, I was banned here by the same people.

    The way it looks, and most likely is, is that people were banned from EF because some people who had videos coming out, didn't want their small spotlight at that small forum, stolen. But I'm not trying to drag this on, just saying how it looks and is.
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    I know who it is you are accusing AND what you keep accusing them of. In that, as in most of the other accusations I've seen you make, you are wrong. Sorry if you refuse to step back and take a more objective view of the matter, but it's a fact.

    If someone says something that I can see is incorrect whether here or on EF, and I can provide them with the correct information then I will. It's not a matter of agreeing with everyone on EF because I'm a member there. I've disagreed and argued very strongly against fellow EF members many times. But so far everything I've seen you say about them has been incorrect.

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    Originally posted by intimidation
    This discussion is polarized. If you're on their side, you agree with what they say to me.

    Yeah, it is the same thing, I was banned here by the same people.

    The way it looks, and most likely is, is that people were banned from EF because some people who had videos coming out, didn't want their small spotlight at that small forum, stolen. But I'm not trying to drag this on, just saying how it looks and is.
    No, you were banned BY ME because you sat there and spewed off garbage to other people. By garbage, I mean petty name calling, swearing at them, etc. Not garbage as in "I am right, you are wrong", which, you did that as well. You give no information about who you train with, and when someone questions it, you scream and yell and say "I've already told you who I have trained with!" and then proceed to call them names. As far as I can remember, I am not a member of Empty Flower. Maybe I am, and I just can't remember. I know I've been there (awesome site btw, love the 50s style cult classic Daredevil text style). I've downloaded videos on it, etc. So yeah, I probably am a member on there, but never posted. Alright, I just checked, apparently I have yet to registar there under my standard user name, so, in the end, you were banned by a guy not from Empty Flower.

    You were banned twice, yet continue to return, which shows that you just don't seem to understand what banning means. You post multiple times in a row, and when you get in an argument about someone, you are quick to edit your posts and make it look like you are the victim and they are the bad guy.

    Lots of members on this forum will tell you his or her instructor's name if you ask. Heck, some people will even tell you the address of the school they train at, and offer to let you come visit them. However, each profile you have created has been blank. Wait, I stand corrected. Your current profile has a birthday given. Other than that, they are blank. You hide in invisible mode on the forums, heck, I wouldn't put it past you that you never leave the forum, but rather stay invisible and just leave it up on the computer and check back periodically. The only reason you haven't been banned again is because you haven't slipped up on the Internal board. I could just as soon e-mail Gene and tell him to ban you again, and then you'd appear with another obvious name, and get banned from that.

    I tried so much to try and get it through your head about the rules, remember when we sent those PMs back and forth for an hour that one day?



    I want my hour back.
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    1. I won't swear anymore, or name call, unless provoked

    2. My message is more important than my name

    3. I have given out my instructors names many times, and posted sites where I train. It's not hard to figure out if you know the IMA community, and who the known instructors are

    4. Find an example when I edited my post to look like a victim. The thing wrong with that ridiculous theory , that you seem to have bought into, is that I never reported a post to a moderator or ever asked for someone to be banned. Can't you retreive deleted posts?

    5. I do in fact just click the forum at the bottom of the screen and leave.

    6. Am I not now following the rules? It's because I myself haven't been insulted as much

    &. Oh, I didn't mean for my birthday to be listed

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    I can not retrieve deleted posts. Once I hit delete, they are gone like a Ninja after a kill.

    BTW, regardless of wheather or not you edited your posts (and I see them edited alot), you still have insulted people. Remember my story towards the top? About how, if a man steals from my dad, I have no right to steal from him?

    Yeah, go back and read it. While it is about BAI HE, it can be applied to you. If Jon Doe calls you an idiot, and you proceed to cuss him out, Jon Doe gets banned and you get banned. If Jon Doe cusses you out, and you don't cuss him out, Jon Doe gets banned.

    And don't you dare say you have never said anything bad on here. I put a note up here, and you began to insult me directly, when my note never said a single insult to you. You sat there and swore up and down like a sailor towards me, insulting me.
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    I don't want to nutride my years alive, thank you

    Anyways, I think it won't be long until I actually don't have much to say anymore, kind of like bullshido, I just don't have much to post there often
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    Then please, STFU and go away. Thank you. That is all.

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    no need to get yer nuts in a knot there cerebus, I'm merely pointing out that your opinion is no more or less valid than anyone else's and the behaviour and rants on the boards at ef are no less beyond reproach than those that are found here.

    both boards have their merit and demerit as far as i can see.

    I find value in both of them. I have had head to head insult slinging fests with plenty of people...well mostly only one or two guys, but I think i wise cracked at BB about his Atlantean theory...just to point that out.

    But to think ...Like I said before that one site is better than the other, or that apologies are OWED is a bit out of hand. Take things in stride and definitely with a grain of salt.

    By the looks o the thread at EF I would say that it is you who owes Gene Ching an apology for your slanted remarks against him there when he hasn't said one iota against you and he certainly didn't start it.

    Of course he has to manage this board, the same way you guys at ef managed yours when you banned backbreaker for making his cracks.

    Kinda silly when held against the light of day. And besides all that, yer dang right I defend my p.o.v, But I also concede when shown to be incorrect. Just sift through anywhere I am really and you'll see i'm being honest about this.

    After all, there is no foundation for universal or ultimate "truth" in any matter. All things are subjective and we simply have it put to us to choose what we are going to believe or disbelieve. And in time, even that may change.

    anyway, telling someone to stfu is not really a good way to balance a dialogue and create a more positive relationship. Don't expect niceties if you are not willing to extend them yourself.

    that is all.

    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    Intimidation, I'm curious as to what your martial background is. I have absolutely no idea who you are or your past. Feel free to PM, but I'd really like an answer besides "I've already told you," or, "Run a search." I'd like an honest answer, please, seeing how this is an honest question.
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    Well, first of all I never said anything derogatory about Gene, so you may wish to correct yourself on that remark (I did say that I felt the banning of Bai He was uncalled for).

    As for telling "whatever his name is" to STFU, no, it's not the way to have a good dialogue. However the end of the proverbial rope was reached long ago. I tried speaking reasonably with him but that didn't work.

    So he's been banned twice and keeps coming back and then says he's finished saying what he has to say anyway. Then why the heck doesn't he just quit?

    Whatever. Please re-check the thread on EF & let me know what it was you think I said about Gene when you get a chance.

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    Captain pick axe-

    11 years with this guy

    5 years on and off

    2 years 7 months a year 7 days a week

    Kunlun school wild goose qigong for 7 years and a bit of Damo and qinway qigong. My qigong teacher is maybe getting a website but I can't find it yet.

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    you're right cerebus, my bad, it was not you who made the disparaging remarks about Gene. It was another member at EF.

    my apologies and a retraction of my former statement regarding same.

    But as for the rest, I still hold the same view
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    It's certainly your right to do so, as shall I.

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