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Thread: Mantis Videos

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    Yee Lo Zhaat Yew / Importance #2

    Hello all,

    First post. I uploaded "Yee Lo Zhaat Yew" to YouTube. Here's the link.

    Couple of notes...
    This is performed by me at a celebration picnic in San Jose, CA, USA about 8 years ago (date is on the video). I learned this as "Importance #2".

    I'm planning to upload several more videos over the next few months as I dust off my bones and refresh my memory on other forms. In total, I have about 15-20 mantis forms that I plan to record.

    Best regards,

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    Orginally posted by 18Elders - November 24, 9:30 AM
    listen you ball-less asswipe, i asked to return to the thread of the lanjie video.
    Obviously you lack any kind of respect or you would stop your BS.
    Why don't you post who the fuk you are you chicken****.
    Obviously you don't have anything to contribute so i ask all of us not to reply to him anymore.
    This is a video of Master Shr performing Luan Jie Quan. Considering the reputation of Master Shir and the Pong Lai organization, it is quite disgraceful to see his student posting such vulgar and derogatory trash as in the quote above.


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    Cheers student 111!
    I don't post a lot but everything i've seen from this bungbukuen (or whatever he's called) has put a bad taste in my mouth.

    What do you guys thing about these guys?


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    SevenStar: It's hilarious seeing people's reactions when they see a big, black dude with a sword walking toward them.

    Masterkiller: Especially when they're at the ATM.

    WTF? How did we go from the White Haired Devil strangling and beating guys to death in a teahouse, to Mr Miyagi and Jhoon Rhee?

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    great clip of the qixing guys over in germany and master lee kam wing.


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    is it seven star mantis 8 Elbows?

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    taiwan 1960's - awesome clip, would have loved to have been there

    btw Michael - nice to the somewhat 'random' ambulance

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    Wah Lum forms 2007

    of particular note is the form at the 6:45 mark. I do not know the name. Any help?

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    in the moment
    old mantis compulsory set created by yu hai (mantis king), star of shaolin temple movie with jet li (1982).
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    this is chen leping......great master from shandong.....this summer i go in china to meet he....:-)

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    Video Updates

    Singl Hook clip

    Master Zhong Lian Bao's 18 elders form

    18 Shou
    Form Clip

    Master Zhong's Yee Lo Yare Yue Kuen

    Shifu Tony Puyot playing a road from Ba Zhou, and Luan Jie.

    Sup Baat Sow 2-man

    Zhai Yao 1

    Hei Hu Jiao Cha

    Eight Elbows

    Yu Family Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan - Bei Yuan Tou Toe.



    Tou Tao from Nang Ho

    Bung Bo on a PromoDay.

    liuhe gun

    wu shi liu tao lu

    cha chui

    pu dao/shuang shou dai

    Master Zhang FuZhou :

    Tong Long Tao Tou Kuen
    Tao Tou

    Video 1 - Yuri Babin and his disciples are showing some open hands techniques.

    Video 2 - Yuri Babin is performing open hands forms.

    Video 3 - Yuri Babin' disciples are showing some open hand combat techniques.

    Video 4 - some sparring's done by Yuri Babin's disciples.

    ungifted" to fight.

    Yu Hai

    Taiji Meihua Grandmaster Hao Bin's birthday ceremony

    Shi shu Yu Tianlu, Fanche Quan.

    Harbin area lineage

    Yaitai area lineage

    cuo gang

    bung bo of taiji tang lang of the Chiu Chuk Kai lineage

    Ba da ma bu of TJPM CCK

    Dan jiap moi fa part 2

    bung bo 7 stars

    Zhong Lianbao beng bu quan

    Chang Quan Tang Lang - Si Lu Beng Da

    Beng Bu Quan - (I dont know which lineage)
    IMO this is the kind of effort and intensity one should put in.

    Tang Lang Quan - The Moive (funny)

    Tang Lang - France (note sure?)

    Mantis School of Boxing

    Mantis applications by Brendon Lai

    brendan lai forms

    brendan lai forms

    Tang Lang Tou Tao, aka Bai Yuan Tou Tao

    bai yuan chu dong

    "WuShu Dahui" 1988 Taiwan NanBu Martial Arts demonstrations.
    Pan Long Gun

    Xiao Hu Yan
    Xiao Hu Yan as practiced and performed by one of the societies in the Tawan National Martial Arts Association.
    The performer is from one of the numerous Guo Shu She in Taiwan NanBu that is under the guidance of Zhou Gao Shan LaoShi.
    Performed in the early 90's.
    Youtube Xiao Hu Yan

    Qi Xing Zhai Yao
    Youtube Qi Xing Zhai Yao

    Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan
    The performer is from the YunDong She under Shi Zheng Zhong LaoShi.
    Youtube Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan

    Taiji Mantis from Germany

    Breandan Lai mantis application

    Master Gao Daosheng!

    Zhang Wan Fu Shiye at age of 76 demonstrating Zui Jian (Drunken Sword) at the Kung Fu World Championships 2004 in Hungary.

    雲游拳房 (Yunyouquanfang)


    悠久古董館(Old Photos of Kungfu)

    Shandong tanglang video :Master Sun De Long and Master Sun De Yao (maybe can be the second yellow dressed?)

    A Mantis friend

    Little mantis: Zhang Fu Zho student

    Zhong Lian Bao nephews (first taolu? the second Bayuen Tou Tao)

    Yantai Competition 1992 - Lanjie-

    shuang gun

    master Yu Tiancheng

    1992 Master Yu Tiancheng student.

    1992 Master Qu Zi Jun

    GGM Lin Bo Yan's bengbu quan

    Yantai Competition 1996

    Yantai Competition 1996


    brendan lai applications

    7-star Mantis Steals Peach.

    Qi xing wu guan Yantai

    bai yuan chu dong

    HK Mantis folks

    Master Gao Daosheng

    Qingdao Competition 1999
    Master Casarella zhayao 1

    Zhayao number?

    Shandong Tanglang Masters

    Lan Jie of CCK TJPM

    mei hua fan che quan

    WHF Footage

    Yantai Competition 1993
    Taiji Meihua Tanglang - Mei hua Lu

    Ma Hanqing

    Sun De (孙德) - Taiji tanglangquan (太极螳螂拳) application 1

    Sun De (孙德) - Taiji tanglangquan (太极螳螂拳) application 2

    Sun De (孙德) - Taiji tanglangquan (太極螳螂拳) application 3

    Hao Family Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis Boxing (郝家太极梅花螳螂拳)

    Gao Dao Sheng "Shao Hu yuan"

    Ma Family Ba Shi (8 Stances)

    Wang Qingzhai (1905-1993) from Shenyang city

    Sanda sparring

    Master Zue Sir Yung

    Northern Mantis Mei Hua Spear 北螳螂梅花槍

    Yu Hai

    Yin Yeung mantis

    Yu Tiancheng

    Yuen's Family

    II Polish Traditional Gong Fu Cup, Warsaw 9.11.2002


    san lu zhai yao

    bai yuan tou tao

    Clips Wan Fu Cup

    Master Shi Zheng Zhong:

    Yu Hai - Halabard

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    Great post 'qixing'......good work

    here is Master Lee Kam Wings 60th birthday celebrations. Demonstrations are from all of his students around the world as well as his own closed door student Kwok Wing Ho

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