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Thread: The Shaolin Grandmasters Text

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    If our Lucas created the jedi...

    ...they'd all be zombie ninjas.

    As for the Star Wars reference, we discussed Science of Star Wars very cursorily on the doc thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    ...Chinese communism is particularly anti-religious. That's one reason why Tagou rose to the magnitude it did - the leaders are party members. It's also remarkable that Shaolin's Abbot has managed to secure a seat in People's congress. That's a testament to Shaolin's power in modern China.

    But please, carry on. This topic, The Shaolin Grandmaster's Text, has always amused me.
    What exactly amuses you, the book itself or the controversy around it?

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    this book recently landed on my table about a month ago, and I haven't opened it yet. still reading Shaolin Trips .....however this thread is mighty long, so I'm taking it this book has been dissected already. it was odd to not see an author, yet I know Im not supposed to "judge a book by it cover" , literally, so I didn't mind that part. Any suggestion on this book would be nice. I'd rather not waste time on it if its not worth it, and if it is worth it, I'll read it soon.

    Honestly Just because its a Shaolin Book, I'll read it eventually,.....just to the best of my discernment, & certainly not with any urgency if its some "dr haha lung" crap or (no offense) Shaolin-do type lineage book, or if its one of those "Chinese Kung Fu" manuals that makes no differentiation between Songshan Shaolin and the Tiger and Crane of Hung Gar, and groups all animal styles in with xinyi quan, tai chi, and all "qi gong", not to mention grouping Shaolin kung fu as one pile of 5 animals, Bak Sil Lum, Wing Chun, Baji Quan, and Choy Lay Fut (people sell books like this). and makes no reference to the importance of knowing the difference.

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