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Thread: MS Needs You!!!

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    OK, I've gotta ask... what is MK calling 'snowballs'?!
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    I noticed that those who've had snow-driving experience have forgotten one very important item. For those of us who grew up in the colder climes, it just goes without saying, but..... get some decent snow tires! You DON'T wanna be trying to plow through that stuff with summer tires on the car (or even so-called "all seasons").
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    Originally posted by Mat
    OK, I've gotta ask... what is MK calling 'snowballs'?!
    "hey pal, you wanna do the dance of destruction with the belle of the ball, just say the word." -apoweyn

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    Originally posted by FatherDog
    LMAO, holy crap...the juxtoposition....

    don't look up 'felching' unless you really, really want to know.

    and you don't, trust me.
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    Ice... so nice
    I seen it once (on the north) but cant remember it.
    Sorry, person, I cannot help now

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