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Thread: ATTN Coach Ross

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    The beast under your bed.

    ATTN Coach Ross

    Your PM doesnt work.
    I have a couple questions for you, if you could be so kind as to drop me a PM with a way to contact you or something.
    "i would show them 8 hours of animal porn and beheadings in a single sitting then make them write a paper about italy." -GDA
    "he said there were tons of mantids fornicating everywhere. While he was there, he was sending me photos of mantis porn regularly." - Gene Ching

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    for the last time!

    1. I'm not telling you what I'm wearing

    2. you don't need to know my favorite color....

    If you have some questions of a non saxual nature
    Chan Tai San Book at

    Quote Originally Posted by taai gihk yahn View Post
    well, like LKFMDC - he's a genuine Kung Fu Hero™
    Quote Originally Posted by Taixuquan99 View Post
    As much as I get annoyed when it gets derailed by the array of strange angry people that hover around him like moths, his good posts are some of my favorites.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kellen Bassette View Post
    I think he goes into a cave to meditate and recharge his chi...and bite the heads off of bats, of course....

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    Originally posted by lkfmdc ... questions of a non saxualnature
    What kind of reed to you prefer for a clarinet?

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    He didn't say of a windy nature...
    Quote Originally Posted by Oso View Post
    you're kidding? i would love to drink that beer just BECAUSE it's in a dead animal...i may even pick up the next dead squirrel i see and stuff a budweiser in it

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