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Thread: Styles of Yoga

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    Styles of Yoga

    There are many styles or schools of Yoga posturing and breathing exercises.

    There are Yoga styles/fashion clothes from Old Navy and other namebrands for the lotus look.

    Tune in the New Age radio with the om music.

    Health and hip.

    The era of Yoga generation.

    Mcdiet drive thru food helped a lady lose 40 pounds. Nature, organic, low carb--


    I stick with my Tai Chi and Ba Gua.

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    There are also Zen diet, Zen fashion, Zen music, Zen furniture and ornaments--.

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    lulu lemon has the best yoga clothes going.

    seriously, ladies who want to look good doing their yoga, check out lulu lemon gear. We men would very much appreciate it.

    spj- how better to propogate something than to bring it into the mainstream? People who keep their stuff in the shadowy veils tend to not do so well with the survival of their respective art forms. That is the neato message behind the film shaolin soccer afterall.

    Makes for good wuxia myths though.
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    nude yoga AND nude tai chi

    Given that both yoga and tai chi have nude videos and the yoga industry is reaching a far wider audience and there are more beautiful wimmen in yoga, tai chi should be throwing stones...

    BTW, did y'all seee nude tai chi made Sherman's Lagoon yesterday? Yeah, we should be the ones to talk about yoga...
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    lol. The crab kills me.
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    Tai Chi is a style of Yoga.

    According to this;

    styles of yoga

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