To put it nicely, IMHO, I think KickMantis's argument is pretty much a standard "scholar" perspective in keeping with "Party Line". I appologize to you, KickMantis, in advance. I really could not find any other way to put.

In the year 4001, you will find "records" and "Documented material" from Government archives that Kung Fu never existed. It's a mythical cult!

It is true that WuShu (martial SKILL) existed in China way before Bordhidharma's time but it is him who elevated it to a higher plateau - one that is spiritual not just technical. Creative conditioning of the body, mind and spirit through hard work and chaos give you the merits. That's Kung Fu the core concept. You become a better person not a better killing machine. Shaolin and Bordhidharma are important in Kung Fu because they have inspired many to systematically transmitt their arts. WuShu today has already developed into a martial sport. It's sole purpose is to please the higher power be it the Government or paying customer, and to satisfy the Alpha Male Complex.

If WuShu perspective is in vogue then by all means follow it. I know my path is Kung Fu and I would take a stance (pun intended) against the WuShu hype even if it means I am going against popular believe.



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