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    Mizong Luohan

    Does anyone have information about this style? A friend of mine who learned under a teacher at UC Irvine showed me their forms, which seemed mostly Jing Wu in flavor- gongliquan, jiequan, dazhanquan, and a form that looked like Hung Gar fuhuquan (fuk fu kyun).

    I know that Huo Yuanjia practiced Mizong and created the Jing Wu association. I was wondering if gongliquan and jiequan are actually important Mizong forms.

    Thank you.

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    If you do a search on Mi Tsung Lo Han, i think you'll find some info that was already posted.

    First, Mi Tsung Lo Lan (Mizong Lo han) is not the same as Mi Tsung that Huo Yuen Chia (Huo Yuanjia) taught at the Jing Mo schools. Mi Tsung Lo Hon can be traced back to Yip Yee Ting (Cantonese) who learned it from his uncle. It is said that his ancestors combined two styles, Mi Tsung with Lo han to create MTLH.

    Now gongliquan, jiequan, and dazhanquan are part of the standard 10 basic Jing Mo curriculum but these sets are not part of Mi Tsung nor MTLH. The 10 standard Jing Mo sets was not developed by HYC but by Chao Lin Ho after HYC passed away in 1909. CLH's background was in BSL, Tan Tui (12 row), Shaolin Battle sets and Mi Tsung. The style, Mi Tsung incooperated these three sets into their curriculum and hence CLH did the same for Jing Mo.

    If you do a search on gongliquan, you'll find that Mantis 108 wrote gongliquan can be traced back to the 1700's to a man name Luo.

    Jiequan is not the original name but was changed some time in the late 1800's. The original name of this set was Flying Swallow Fist and was incooperated into Mi Tsung's curriculum in the 1800's. Very popular set in the Hebei province.

    Dazhanquan is one of five sets within a style called Northern Shaolin Battle sets and has its origin to the Yellow River area. Again very popular style in the 1800's in Hebei province.

    But to answer your original question, yes these sets are important because it builds a strong foundation for the northern style that your friend is learning. Your friend's roots can be traced back to Yip Yee Ting and after he learned his village style, MTLH, he went to Jing Mo and learned from CLH. Hence, gongliquan, Jiequan and dazhanquan were again reinforced onto YYT so that why it is in the MTLH's curriculum. But if you're able to see the upper level sets in the MTLH's curriculum, you'll see that MTLH has its own flavor.

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    Does Flying Swallow Fist translate into "Feiyanquan" in Mandarin? Just wondering...

    So I'm guessing gongliquan and jiequan were recent creations. What did Huo Yuanjia's Mizong look like then?

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    Looks like all the other mizongquan in Hebei......lots of practitioners fairly common.

    Huo's Mizong is as per his family. Founding master Huo Xuwu who learnt Mizongquan or Yanqingquan from Sun Tong. As practiced around Cangzhou regions/districts such as Qing county, Jinghai county, Cang county etc....

    Wu Chanlong

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    lost track

    Here's a Yanqing Mizong video from the master that I currently study under, Tony Chen.
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    I have set called Little Flying Swallow fist. You recon it's the same form being discussed from Chin Woo?
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    MJLH: Fun so far


    Recently my wife and I began taking a Kung Fu class here in Shreveport, La. Mizong Luohan is the style we're learning. Apparantly it's not a common style, from what I'm able to gather.
    FWIW, we feel rejuvinated after each class. I sure wish I'd have discovered this back when Master Johnny Lee was still teaching it here!


    PS: I'd like to know more about MJLH, too.

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    Here is an article I helped write on MiZhong

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    just got the tournament package.

    Nick Scrima's tournament in Florida this may will have a MZLH division (hand and weapons).

    I believe is lineage comes from peter kwok?

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    Mizong Luohan/ Myjhong Lawhorn

    So I bumped into my Sifu for the first time in over a year. He's started doing informal private lessons in his garage on Fridays.

    It's the first time I've done Kung Fu in about a year, and MAN was I sore the next morning. I thought I was keeping in decent shape the past year or so, going to the gym about 4 times a week, lots of cardio, weight lifting, etc. but after a year without doing the kind of hardcore stretching we did at the kung fu school, that stuff HURT.

    But this Northern Chinese stuff, man... you don't realize how little you really use your hips until you do the crazy ballistic stretches, the crescent kicks, the punches with full extension. Can't wait till this Friday.
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    Check out this explaination from Sifu Lee who teacher MyJhong LawHorn here in Dallas.
    Master of Shaolin I-Ching Bu Ti, GunGoPow and I Hung Wei Lo styles.

    I am seeking sparring partner. Any level. Looking for blondes or redhead. 5'2" to 5'9". Between 115-135 weight class. Females between 17-30 only need apply. Will extensively work on grappling.

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    Indeed. My sifu had that on the school's page before the school was closed down. I think an Aikido school is in the place where he and my other sifu's taught. I haven't had cause to drive there since the place closed down.

    Only class I ever went to where there was a 1:4 student-sifu ratio (1:5 at one time- at it's peak there were about 23 students, not counting the kid's class.)

    I'm just glad to be training again for a reason besides just "being healthy and getting in shape" which is a nebulous goal at best.
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    See here for some of the Mizong branches
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    燕青拳又称秘宗拳、颜青拳、弥祖拳、迷踪拳、迷踪艺。燕青之称,传为《水浒传》中燕青所传;又云燕青为官府 所辑之人,故隐姓埋名,称其术为秘祖;又称燕青被人捉拿途中,在雪地行走,巧施步法,得以逃脱,又名迷踪。 以上诸说,假托小说人物,不足凭信。据史料记载,它出自少林,最早为河南嵩山少林寺"烧火僧紧那罗王"所创 。相传,他原不在少林寺出家,他游遍天下访遍名师.后来少林当了一名烧火僧,他头不剃,脸不洗 ,穿破僧衣, 目的为掩盖起真面目.元朝时红巾军攻打少林寺,众僧不能抵抗,紧那罗王手持一条铁棍打退百万红巾之兵,后借 燕青为名创燕青门,其有一师姐(为道姑),练秘宗拳,故称"一路秘宗,二路燕青,燕青秘宗不分 家
    燕青拳,它具有内家拳内避,练精化气,弧形走转之势,又兼有外家拳的开张,劈打,舒展之态,更以其动作变化 丰富而体态灵动,受到广大爱好者的喜爱
      燕青拳是子午门三十六杀手功之一。此拳钢柔相济,内外兼修,招式大开大合,有排山倒海之势,内藏杀机, 专击人身之要害,往往一招半势能制敌于死地,为防止此功传入歹人之手,帮此拳法一直密不外传,只传入本门中 品德高尚正派之弟子。
      燕青拳后来传到清代的孙通,其师:张先师为第一代,燕青拳传入沧州沧县,在清代乾隆年间。当时的山东泰 安人孙通曾在嵩山少林寺苦习树年,燕青拳艺炉火纯青,被人尊为铁腿孙通。孙通因犯命案去东北避难,途中 ,沈阳,青州,泰安,济南等分别传下燕青拳,晚年隐居河北省沧县教拳。此后燕青拳在沧州广泛流传。在沧县, 以陈善(外号"赛胜英"第三代)为主的一派陈善,陈广志(叔侄),亲传弟子(第四代):郭连祥(沧州八虎在 第五"称郭五爷"),赵友爷,李虎爷,陈广志,余桐波,赵一爷,福印爷,于五爷,吕战鳌等
      沧州东郊陈善,陈广志,其弟子郭连祥(字仲三,生于1886年,逝于1973年)在抗日战争时期 因在 沧州杀日本兵逃难到山东省滨州市(原北镇市)在此定居文化大革命后广收门徒于80年代去世,现在滨州有其弟 子400余人,,,后随其子郭玉芬(第五代,从师于杨裼山)又在此发扬,
      传弟子(第六代):张风员(武术六段),郭宝申(武术六段),,杜学堂,任会珍,,孙忠诚(武术六段) 等
      再传弟子(第七代):杨姚生, 张天,(武术四段),,郭会波,张维英(武术三段),王磊(武术三段) ,刘鹏 程等创燕青武馆于山东省滨州市魏家小区发扬燕青武术今传至第7代
      燕青武馆多次参加省,市比赛,,取得总分第一,,优秀团队等奖杯,,,并获得省优秀拳种称 号

      本门武艺少林传 架子首列诸艺前 架子功课日日练 拳法招法占优先 上气下压下气提 手足身步眼法全  勾穿插捧抹子手 虚实进退身法显 解开架子把拳练 练拳须讲四门严 闭咀呼吸久磨练 枪刀剑棍拳为源 单练 功深练双打 对练步步击实战 散手训练不可少 接招进招自己选 千招熟练一招精 功力胆艺不能松 功夫深浅 在苦练 武术绝妙在深练
      燕青拳内容有:(以下内容根具2007年山东省"省优秀拳种称号"滨州燕青武馆现有燕青套路整理,不包 括失传的)
      一:徒手:1、燕青大架120式 2、溜腿架子
      3、燕青拳 4、燕青三十六式 
      5、十路弹腿拳 6、绵掌拳
      7、小进拳 8、劈挂拳
      9、连手拳 10、查拳 
      二:器械:1、清平剑 2、燕青四门刀 3、劈挂刀 4、十二连戟 5、昆吾剑 6、八仙剑 7、行者 棒 8、五虎群羊枪 9、五虎群羊棍10、燕青小花刀 11、春秋大刀12、双手带 13、勾枪拐 14、 鸳鸯钺 15、太师鞭 16、陈香拐 17、双锏 18、行钩 19、护手钩 20、梅花钩 21、燕青双 刀22、梅花双刀 23、梅花枪 
      三:对练:1、子母锤 2、头路靠 3、二龙靠 4、靠打十八钩 5、小进拳对打 
      四:器械对练:1、太祖棍 2、单刀拐子进枪 3、大小刀对咬 4、单刀进枪 
      5、双刀进枪 6、双手带进枪 7、三节棍进枪 8、空手夺刀
      9、双钩进枪 10、对扎枪 11、扇车刀
      其弟子郭连祥(字仲三,生于1886年,逝于1973年)在抗日战争时期因在沧州杀日本兵逃难到山东省 滨州市(原北镇市)在此定居文化大革命后广收门徒于80年代去世,现在滨州有其弟子400余人,,,后随其 子郭玉芬(第六代,从师于杨裼山)又在此扬,传弟子(第七代):张风员(武术六段,滨州市武协主席),郭宝 申(武术六段),,杜学堂,任会珍,,孙忠诚(武术六段)等
      再传弟子(第八代):杨姚生,张天,(武术四段),,郭会波,张维英(武术三段),王磊(武术三段), 刘鹏程等创 燕青武馆于山东省滨州市魏家小区发扬燕青武术今传至第7代
      燕青武馆多次参加省,市比赛,,取得总分第一,,优秀团队等奖杯,,,并获得省优秀拳种称 号
      第二支:吕铜锤一支,传于青县和沧县东北部,门徒以周义和周六名气较大。周六去北京谋生,周义分别传青 县赵六和沧县韩七。赵六传黄德贵,韩七传李奎,周达,黄传杨锦榜,黄凤山,李、周二人传刘闰湘、左清河,黄 凤山传王歧,刘闰湘传刘滋茂,左清河传董西元。
      第三支:科牛庄余式一支,传于沧县高家口(今属黄骅市)刘吉发,刘传本村高锡林,高传 高德怀,德怀传高玉庭,玉庭传高思武、高思义。
      第四支:沧县李龙屯志远和尚 一支,志远传蒋炳,蒋传官长元、官长和,长合传北阁赵炳岩等。赵传自来屯李恩慧诸人。
      第五支:霍氏一支,自东光县移居静海县(今天津市)小南河村。霍恩第传子霍元卿、霍元甲、霍元栋。霍元 甲门徒广多,改称迷踪艺。霍元甲之子东阁去东南亚传艺。
    燕青拳法有鲜明特点:架势大开大合,腿法突出,拳腿相随,快慢具理,手中寓发,伸屈待发,虚实相辅,变化灵 活,难以捉摸。燕青拳之手法,讲出手皆为招,抓、捋、拿、打、棒,出手连三招。其腿法以十八种勾法为重,云 :手似两扇门,全凭腿赢人。功成者。手拨六向,脚踢八方,穿手画弧,五弓抱桩。其步法多为斜行(提手加幼) ,进退闪胯,跃纵腾挪,连点展搓。其身法讲侧、转、钻、翻、吞、吐、俯、仰,随机应变,一法数招。起伏、翻 转、回环、侧绕、勾挂、盘旋、跳跃、顺送,巧妙运用。
      燕青拳法内容丰富,技术全面,故其演练风格优美,快慢有度,潇洒大方,招术科学,老幼皆宜 练。
      燕青拳法之习练,讲究慢练功,快练功。练功讲八字要诀:抢、靠、粘、卷、提、挎、弾、,称八大招。它亦 拳法之钢,每字不能以一招一势代替,而在每招每势之中,每字含八目,计六十四目。基本功练就,技击法则会深 悟。

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