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Thread: Judo

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    frosh2786 Guest


    someone told me that judo would be a good complement for my aikido, and that i could beat wrestlers up with it...any thoughts? how physically demanding is it? thanks

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    Martial Joe Guest
    I personlay dont know but that is kinda dumb how you said that you could beat wrestlers up..what if if its a good wrestler or a bad wrestler.It al depends on the person for every style.

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    frosh2786 Guest
    well someone told me judo grappling stuff is alot better fr submission figting then wrestling is. nad it would be alot easier to beat a wrestler. plus the guys at school arent that good...and i dont literally mean beat htem up i mean like just grapple a little.

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    Matt-le-kat Guest
    If you're after submissions, i think sambo is quite good

    Nothing is to be feared, only understood....

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    Judo? Wrestling will help you out alot for the takedowns. But you will be able to learn all the wrestling takedowns at a BJJ school. Double legs, single legs. Scoop and dump on them on their head. You can learn the defenses against being dumped on your head.

    Generally, judo guys have poor ground fighting skills.

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    YoungForest Guest
    Judo is amazing. I take Judo and it is amazing. It builds a good grip in your hands and arm strength. Not to mention an upper body strength. You will learn to throw and boy do you throw!
    You will learn how to break falls, do A LOT of submission (not joint locks) and learning to take your opponenet to the ground. It builds up good reflexes, coordination and timing...excellent timing!

    I recommand everyone to take Judo.

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    jutsow Guest
    hey, i have an idea. why dont you take your japanese ma question to a JMA forum and stop wasting my time. o.k. honey.

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    frosh2786 Guest just called someone honey...

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    frosh2786 Guest
    any by the way the TITLE of the post was JUDO....if you dont know thats japanese do some research other wise, you wasted your own time clickin on it...thats really rude and ignorant. please refrain from replying to this thread.

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    Budokan Guest
    Blow it out your a$$, jutsow. This is an open forum and anybody can ask any question they want.

    K. Mark Hoover

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    ope Guest
    Frosh judo is a good complement to aikido although the training might be a little differnt aikido is more spiritual but the training is not that far differnt.. i say go for it.. infact mixen them would be a very good way to fight...

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    jutsow Guest


    i quess that why its called KUNG FU online then huh. blow it out your own ass. or you could have your boy friend do it for you.

    i would expect this from someone that studies ****okan.

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    chokeyouout Guest


    Temper temper.The kid is confused about wich ma to take.Try and help, not hurt.

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    chokeyouout Guest


    I almost forgot, find a flight of stairs and throw yourself down them.Free speech is a inalienable right.

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    KnightSabre Guest
    Jutsow,don't be an idiot.This may be the kung fu forum but it's well known that all martial artists are welcome here.
    Judo has some good takedowns and also builds excellent standing balance.From the way that it is taught or practiced it generally lacks great ground fighting skills.I've grappled a few judoka even a black belt and I generally dominated them quite easily.

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