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Thread: What is Skill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hung Gar Kid View Post
    skill in martial arts is ability to walk out with maintained respect from a fight... skill is winning a fight without making a move. its making your opponent afraid of you after giving a single look to him... thats what i think.
    methinks that sounds more like striking fear in the hearts of enemies. Which can be easily attained by a weakling with a big mouth and a decent imagination (look at MK )
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    thats good lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SevenStar View Post
    from a combat sports perspective, proficiency of technique, knowledge of the rules and being able to apply them both against an opponent.
    real fighting doesnt have rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meat Shake View Post
    In regards to the martial and combative arts, what defines skill?
    Skill means the same everywhere.. ability to perform better..

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