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Thread: Tiger Claw shoes...

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    baji-boy Guest

    Tiger Claw shoes...

    Just wondering, does anyone own, or have tried wearing Tiger Claw shoes? :)

    I've always wondered if these are good shoes for practicing, training, etc. but I've been questioning if should I get a pair of my own, as I already have a good pair of Adidas... :)

    "For kickin' butt, or kickin' back!" ;) :D

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    Brad Guest
    Personally, I don't like the Tiger Claw shoes that much. They make my feet really hot & uncomfortable to train in. For outdoor training I like adidas, and for indoor I like a brand called yufei.

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    cho Guest

    stick with the Adidas

    The Tiger Claw shoes are good, but there's nothing really spectactular about them, besides them being laceless.

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