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Thread: shaolin form to sweden black magic

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    shaolin form to sweden black magic

    All my life I have walked as a sage searching for a kung fu form to be done to the wild power of of a Abba tune. I have fought countless battles in this search, from fighting the legendary octopus tree in colorado, to using my reverse panda block to ward off the lurking wendigo of canada.

    Now that I have this sacred video in my grasp....I shall share it with the world. Enjoy what my spilled blood has brought you. The second monk in this video is the one using his methods to the sounds of swedish black magic music and you will cower like centaurs removed from the cover of your woodland shelter when you see this.
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    My old buddy themeecer is still alive!

    themeecer (2 months ago)
    Oh good grief. I have been teaching that form for 20 years and I must say that is the worst rendetion I have ever seen. That looks like one of the Atlanta schools. No wonder our art gets made fun of.

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    i cant believe you tricked me into watching and more importantly listening to that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKiller View Post
    My old buddy themeecer is still alive!
    Hey hey MK!! What's been going on? Sorry I have been absent. Eventually having the same verbal battles grows old. So I simply left and focused more on my own training. Here now a few years later I hope I am a little wiser.
    themeecer actually shares a lot of the passion that Bruce Lee had about adopting techniques into your own way of 'expressing yourself.'
    (Nicest thing ever said about me on these boards.)

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    Interesting. The second guy wasn't bad. The first guy was about as good as This Guy. Someday Abba will be illegal. However, the first guy in the SD video had much better intensity, and was practicing an actual form.
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    the ass stains on the first guys gi made me change the channel almost immediately.

    no comment on anything else, that's a road to nowhere.
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    Second guy was pretty awful too... he's just shorter and more solidly built, so he's not going to look quite as silly. The form itself looks pretty crummy and appears to be a complete waste of time too, which doesn't help much.
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