Having connections with the magazine, perhaps you could provide me with research(ed) information.

Since Kung-Fu is considered to be Chinese, hopefully this research would extend to Chinese communities (all over the World)~.

Has there been or is there prior to this request~ (a orthodox(ed)) Kung-Fu called ~ Squirrel? What about this Style/System? Who teaches it? What's their lineage (How did they come to teach Squirrel-The Kung-Fu?) What age is the Kung-Fu?...Stuff like that. Thank you, if This Magazine resource even regards this request. I've asked two people high-up in their organizations (T'ien Shan P'ai and Hung Fot (Hung Fut). Their answers I take as law. A magazine such as this hunts for small uncertainties sometimes, because such a magazine as This is generous, as are all greats at one time or another.

Very Good :~>

Very some such,perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.