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Thread: Jesse Glover

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    wujidude Guest

    Jesse Glover

    Is Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee's "first" student) still teaching martial arts? Has anyone trained with him? If so, what was it like?

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    Slaniatov Guest

    interresting article by Howard Williams

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    wujidude Guest
    That was an interesting bit of reminiscence by Howard Williams. Thanks. Not much on Jesse Glover, but it did show how those early students had to go their own way because of the early deaths of both Bruce and James Lee.

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    JohnnyW Guest

    Training with Jesse Glover, and more on Howard

    Jesse does teach privately. He has a private school in Seattle. Working out with jesse is intense, and quite vigorous. The beauty of Jesse's Gung-Fu method is that it is applicable to the average person, of which I count myself. Jesse's Non-Classical Gung-Fu is a most efficient engine of destruction for one's adversaries, properly trained, and applied.

    A site that has more information on Jesse can be accessed at:

    The forum located on that site is one of the only one's to my knowledge where Jesse himself frequently posts.

    He also did a recent Q and A session on the forum at the:

    Bruce Lee Information Network

    run by my friend Doug. You can access it using Goggle. Just go to Goggle, type in Bruce Lee Information Network, and Goggle will provide you with the link. I can't recall the URL at this moment.

    Furthermore, an account of a JKD Concepts practitioner's experiences working out with Jesse and his Non-Classical Gung-Fu class can be read at:

    A last source of information on Jesse, and his training with Bruce can be found in (of course Jesse's book's, but also) in my recent article ROOTED IN SEATTLE(c). It was published in the April issue of Bruce Lee Magazine, published by CFW Enterprises. If you can still find a copy there is a wealth of information on Jesse, Bruce, other early students, and Bruce's early forays into teaching, and his development.

    If you enjoyed the Howard Williams piece you might want to go back to it, then continue to scroll down the page, and you will find a link to my Howard Williams interview as well, titled:

    The JKD Gospel According To Howard Williams(c)

    Or, you can just go there directly at:

    I hope this helped. Happy reading.

    Johnny W.


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    wujidude Guest

    Great stuff! I'm always interested in the guys who trained early on with Bruce Lee, before all the commercial commotion and dilution of his last years, and especially since his death.

    It really sounds like Glover continued to make his own way and continue to grow/develop his art after Lee left Seattle.

    Thanks again. That's a great article you did, by the way.

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    JohnnyW Guest

    Thanks for your compliments....

    I am glad that you enjoyed my article. It was a real labor of love for me, as well as a chance to give something back to Jesse, Ed, Jim, Joe, and the others, all of who have been so giving to me in various ways over the years.

    I agree with you regarding Jesse and his development. Keep in mind that Jesse's training with/learning from Bruce didn't end when Bruce left Seattle. Bruce made it a point to update both Jesse's and Taky's trainings long after he had moved away.

    In point of fact, the reason Jesse was never certified by Bruce is because `Jesse' (himself) didn't give a **** about that whole thing. In his own words, he'd been too influenced by the earlier Bruce who'd shunned such trappings. Jesse got to see both Jun Fan Gung-Fu, and JKD, in Bruce himself. He just didn't see the need to personally follow into those manifestations of Bruce's development. Bruce had already helped Jesse onto a parallel path to his own, and Jesse saw no reason to deviate from it. Bruce had already long since given him permission to teach (authorization, pre-certification days)

    Most who knew Bruce, and know Jesse well agree that Bruce would have been EXTREMELY PROUD of what Jesse has accomplished. After all, at one point Bruce begged Jesse to move to California and help him teach the students there. If Jesse had, perhaps we wouldn't have so many misconceptions regarding what is and isn't Bruce's real art(s) as we do now.

    Johnny W.ΓΌ

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    I've met Jesse twice and trained with him twice(once at a seminar) and once at his school. I can attest to the fact that his workouts are gruelling!! (classes are sometimes up to 4 hours in length). Resting to catch ones' breath is well..not something frequently observed.

    To Johnny M.

    May I ask where you got the information that Jesse was not certified to teach by Bruce? Though if you ask him..he will say..'I don't teach JKD..I teach "non classical gung fu" ".

    Please understand..I'm not challenging you statement..just..curious. I ask this because an aquaintence of mine who has known Jesse for most of his life(and who has taught at Jesses' school) says differently. I am also acquaintences with a woman who is very close w/ Taky Kimura(who I have yet to meet).

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    I'd be surpised if you get an answer to your question on a thread that 10 years old.

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