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Thread: OT: Why I "ignore list" people

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    I think real question here Mr. Punch, is are you really a homicidal puppet?


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    I wish more people would use the ignore function...

    ...but most of us are martial artists, so we like to pick fights. It's just our nature. Why ignore a chance to knock a chip off someone's shoulder, right? But still, if more people could keep the nature of what an internet forum is in their heads, this place would be far more productive.
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    when i was rudely awakened by that scorpion sting, i immediately grabbed the fuker and crushed him in my hand WITHOUT getting stung(amazed me because i thought surely i would get it again). which goes to show you that you may be able to get in a lick or two, but buddy, watch out! You need to ground me totally other wise the reaction will leave you hurting more so than you left me(that scorp was crushed and flushed down le twalet).

    As for MP being a "true Liberal". LOL, Puhleese. He is about as liberal as d!ck Cheneys tolerance is for his gay daughter

    Peace, TWS
    It makes me mad when people say I turned and ran like a scared rabbit. Maybe it was like an angry rabbit, who was going to fight in another fight, away from the first fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fu-Pow View Post
    It was asked in another thread why I ignore listed such and such a person. I'll explain here so I can link this thread to my signature. Kind of an FAQ.

    So here goes:

    I generally put people on my ignore list who can't play nice, who want to call me names or in some way verbally insult me. I can't remember every specific ignorelister's offense but it usually has something to do with an insult. (Occasionally I do "list' people that are just obvious trolls or obviously mental.)

    I could reply like I have in the past, but honestly flame wars are a waste of my time. They might be entertaining to spectators but they require too much effort for basically no reward. There is no "winner" in a flame war, only two losers.

    So in my opinion the mature answer is just to disengage. Insult me all you like, I'm not going to see it, I'm not going to engage you, because its a lose-lose situation.
    I let you know it in my signature file so you don't waste your time insulting me.

    I'm about win-win situations. I bounce ideas off of you, you give me feedback, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and I will take it to heart and to mind. We both learn, we both win. Contrary to what some have said, I don't ignore list people just for disagreeing with me, it is usually because of some other behavior.

    We have an amazing tool here with Kung Fu Forum. Its unprecedented that so many martial practitioners can get together here and interact. Not everyone is going to get along through the process....that's OK but I think we all can learn more if we keep the drama and flame wars to a minimum.



    P.S. Anyone is always welcome to contact me off the forum at if they have cooled off and/or grown up and they want to play nice. I have taken people off my ignore list in the past and probably will again.
    Perhaps you should have answered the one person who actually cared who you put on your ignore list, because I would not be afraid to bet most on this forumn give a s**t. I know I certainly don't.
    "The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero projects his fear onto his opponent while the coward runs. 'Fear'. It's the same thing, but it's what you do with it that matters". -Cus D'Amato

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    I find this thread quite amusing.
    I have no idea what WD is talking about.--Royal Dragon

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