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Thread: Throwing Stars

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    Ozihn Guest

    Throwing Stars

    Anyone know how to use them?

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    Kung Lek Guest
    throw them :D


    Kung Lek

    Martial Arts Links

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    straight blast Guest
    Don't ever believe the "ancient" way of throwing stars. By this I mean holding the star between your 1st & 2nd fingers at the knuckles and throwing in an overhand motion. My best buddy did that and embedded a star (home made) into his own leg. Slashed right down his muscle next to his shin. :D :D :D
    Gotta watch that follow through. This doesn't tell you how to throw one, but I think that knowing how NOT to throw one is every bit as important.

    "Through strength, learn gentleness. Through gentleness, strength will prevail"

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    honorisc Guest

    As Kung Lek was saying...

    throw them like a frisbee, throw them like a playing card, throw them like a dart...

    Very some such, perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    Nutt'nhunny Guest

    jerk back like your hand hit something hot to add spin. Its all about spin. Frisbee is the best.

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    honorisc Guest
    Your friend had bad coordinatin or timing, the method might still be good. Don't let incompetance sway you from a technique...unless you are the incompetant one.

    Very some such, perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    what you are reffering to is called a shuriken, they can be a lot of fun for target practice how ever real ones are extremly hard to find, they are hand made from surgical steel 880 steel with razor sharp points I have one made by nakura a famous sword maker from japan that I paid $187.00 for . The ones available in this country are stamped alloy and can be bent with your hand, they are crap and mostly used by kids. If you want real shurikens look online you might find some but make sure they are hand made.

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    IronFist Guest
    $187?! Holy ****e. I know a guy that can make 9 for $60 or something, he makes them the way Stephen Hayes does. I was under the impression that "legit" (meaning old ones that ninja really used) weren't sharp on the edges... how would they carry them otherwise?

    I don't even think shuriken were used for fighting really... more like they were thrown into walls to distract the enemy while escaping.

    Other people have said that they would poison the tips and then if you got hit you'd get tetanus (rust poisoning), but how would you carry it then without it getting on you?

    I wish the ancient ninja masters had kept better records of what they do, that way we wouldn't be so confused. Hehe :)


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    Ozihn Guest
    Back in the day, when ninja's were the pimp Sh!t, medicine was so bad that rust was just as deadly as anything else. Oh, and they kept them in small leather pouches, like the ones cops keep handcuffs in, or on a belt. :D

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    Johnny Hot Shot Guest


    Chinese Stars, Are really cool.
    However stars are easy to use,you should try throwing knives or Straight shuriken.

    Remeber Bruce Lee in "Return of the dragon" with those wooden darts?

    My brother and I used to make all kinds of crazy ninja weponry when we were kids even caltrops. My Grandpa had a metal shop and tought us how to make... Swords! I just rememered the crazy sword I made.
    I bet its still at my Gramps.

    Funny how I still love all that Ninja sh!t.

    Where's A****hed Kim when you need him?

    "Life's a great adventure, mate."
    Jacko Jackson

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    Shaolin36 Guest
    Masaaki Hasado(spelling)
    He has a book out that shows how to throw stars. A good addition for the library and to learn espionage ninjitsu.


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    wu_de36 Guest
    You might also want to get your hands on Michael Echanis' "Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing For Combat (Special Forces/Ranger-UDT/Seal/H2H Combat/Special Weapons/Special Tactics Series)

    Not easy to find, but some good stuff on throwing there.

    I second the Hatsumi book. Pananandata Knife Throwing by Amonte P. Marinas Sr. is good as well.

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    nightair Guest
    I use them to hold up posters in my room. :rolleyes:


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    honorisc Guest


    What does shuri mean of shuriken? What does ken mean of shuriken?

    What is something called shaken?

    Very some such, perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    Kristoffer Guest
    throwing daggers are cooler! I think it was the samurais that used "spikes", about a fore-arm long of steel. about 1 kg :eek: they could penetrate armor like a knife through butter :D (yeah they threw them)

    "maybe not in combat..... but think of the chicks man, the chicks!"

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