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Thread: Your Kung fu or ma nickname

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    Your Kung fu or ma nickname

    I used to practice mantis a lot in the park.

    so people just called me mantis kid or kuo shu kid.

    then I went to high school.

    then I went to college.


    before I got bald.

    what is your nickname or what do people call you?

    what is your fave name to go by other than your real name?

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    There's these two little kids in my apartment building that call me "karate man!" whenever they see me practicing. Then they pick up a loose branch from the woods and start imitating me. It's cute, but insufferably annoying. They start with that "can you do this?" crap as they flop around hither and thither, and I just say "yeah," as I flop about hither and thither, doing my thing. Either they don't know what they're talking about, and they think all martial arts are karate, or they've been visiting this board....LOL....
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    iu generally go by dikhead or cokface

    or derivatives there-of
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    I actually did get the nickname mook jong in my school. We were all talking about what would happen if a challenge was thrown down and because of rank i would have to fight first, so i was told. This lead to me only being useful because i would make the guy tired because he would hit me so much, like i was a wooden dummy

    Although, among my friends i got the name Lion Berserker. I had long curly and generally shaggy hair. I flipped out on someone and they said the look on my face amde me look insane so since i had a mane of hair, Lion Berserker.
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    I usually get "big white guy" or "viking".

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    I came up with shadow skill partialy because of the anime. I liked the name. the rest was because people used to say I was like my Sifu's shadow. So I ran with it.
    "I shadow him to develpoe my skill"
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    They just call me "sexy."

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    they call me sparkles!
    Bless you

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    Christophe Clark coined my nickname "Wiggly" at this past year's TJL, everyone calls me wiggly at the school now -.-

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    I never got a kung fu nickname. Though I did call one of my sparring partners "Sloppy Seconds." Sifu was pretty worried until I explained that it was because he always gassed in the second round of sparring and got sloppy with his backfists.

    But I guess I could always use my (highly unofficial) M.C. name- A'La Mode.
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    They call me "The Deuce" because One Two and your out.

    Not really, I had that nickname because my last name starts with log, and for those of you who don't know, a deuce is a euphemism for a turd.

    Log -> Turd -> Deuce

    I figured some people might require a diagram.
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    my father

    use to call me KARATE MAN(with a perfect eddy murphy impression)

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    They call me Chiyo. I'm not sure why...
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    My sifu used to call me Ross Perot, after I did an impersonation several years ago and he said I even look a little like him. A couple classmates called me Lone Lion Dancer McQuaid. Otherwise, no nicknames.

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    My nickname growing up was shine!

    I use to play basketball a lot and would sweat a lot (it was miami, so it was very hot) they said I was soo black that when I sweated, I would shine

    After that it was either Big Dawg or Big Jeff.

    Sil Lum Hak Fu Mun
    RIP Kuen "Fred" Woo (sifu)

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