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Thread: This Is Very Cool

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    This Is Very Cool

    Thanks for adding more topics to the Internal Section. This is very cool!! I'm looking forward to seeing what people are doing.

    Here is a question: There seem to be a gazillion different types of Chi Gung out there. How does a person choose which one is best for them? :rolleyes: :confused:

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    Sho Pi Guest

    great question


    I have been searching for the answer to this question also. I have been reading material and watching videos, talking to teachers.

    Some material is in direct contrast to other types. I am glad I'm not the only one confused about this.

    I hope we can find some good answers.

    Sho Pi

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    eightgates Guest
    Hi Diane and Sho Pi,

    One suggestion is to see how a teacher's students have faired from practicing a particular style of qigong. If they are practicing qigong for health or a medical condition, have they seen any improvement in their health or symptoms? If they are practicing for martial ability, do they find a better sense of energy flow and/or strength? If you know anyone that you respect and trust that has some qigong knowledge, you should take them along with you to at least give you some idea of what they think. From my experience and that of others I've talked with, you should start feeling a difference in a fairly short period of time under the instruction of a competent instructor. This is not to say you will instantly achieve your goals, but that you've properly started to unlock your inner blockages and have begun to stimulate a better flow of qi, blood and lymphatic fluids in a more harmonious manner. Good luck and keep us posted!


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    Black Fist Guest


    Choose one and stick to one until you generate the first achievement. They all have different approaches, but the same objective.
    The worse thing to do is keep changing method as then you surely will not achieve anything.

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