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Thread: Mantak chia

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    adepss Guest

    Mantak chia

    Has anyone tried mantak chias methods? what are your experiences?

    Please share.



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    shaolin_knight Guest
    I have practiced Master Chia's methods. I would suggest them to anyone.

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    Fu-Pow Guest
    I got the book Multiorgasmic Couple. Pretty good stuff. I've been trying the semen retention thing. I works all right. One thing about Chia is he is a good marketer (as with Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. his sometimes collaborator) They only give you half the information in one book and then you are forced to buy another book for the rest of it. Tricky!!!!


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    fiercest tiger Guest

    good info

    mantak chai has good books and videos...i like the internal organ chi massage. i want to specialise in colon massage as well as reiki healing. i have a deploma in remidial massage and reflexology.

    i reckonmend his books and videos.

    pow choy good answer its ashame he has to give his info like that. :rolleyes:

    come & visit us!

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    joedoe Guest
    Heard about him, browsed through some books, but never tried anything in them.

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    By the time you've finished practicing his methods, you'll be hung like a horse and be an Olympian in the bedroom. Practice, practice, practice.

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