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Thread: Palm vs fist

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    Who doesn't like a good knife or ridge hand? I didn't realize it was a "woman" thing. Thanks, anonymous military officer.

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    plam, fist, wrist, elbow... what ever fits the range and flows out when I need it. I *try* to train all of them equally, but I must be honest, my fav is wrist and/or palm. And I don't realy hit much with a closed fist, even in training.
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    I'll use both depending on how things go ...

    I'd say the palm is much better since I've broken my hands punching people so many times they hurt all the time now

    on the bright side I still have all my teeth

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    This is the most intriguing conversation I've ever seen here, really. I mean, really.

    I like to throw my ridge hands instead of jabs.
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    Trolling? What does fishing have to do with this?
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    What is "both?"

    I'll take Potent Potables for $400, Alex.
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