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Thread: Movie Charactor Showdown V2.0

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    Design Sifu Guest

    Movie Charactor Showdown V2.0

    In the spirit of the Fantasy Movie Competition floating around, I'm posting these 8 bouts. The Same rules apply:

    Whoever gets 5 votes first or the most votes within a 24-ish hour period wins . . . they must then face the winner of the next bout & so on untill There is only ONE!!!

    This Champion should then face the Champ of the previous thred . . . and so on!!!

    DING ding DING Let the Game's begin!!!

    FIGHT CLUB's Tylor Durden vs. PULP FICTION's Bruce Willis

    Batman vs.Black Mask

    Enter the Dragon's Bruce Lee vs. Fist of Legend's Jet Li

    Highlander vs. CrouchingTiger's Chow Yun Fat

    Walker Texas Ranger vs. Kane, Kungfu the legend Continues

    X-Men's Wolverine vs. UNBREAKABLE's David Dun/Bruce Willis

    Rambo vs. Hard Boiled

    CROUCHING TIGER's Micheal Yeoh vs. Charlie's Angles

    okay . .. it's not all martial artists but what a slug-fest these would be!!!!
    :D :cool: :D

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    Chang Style Novice Guest
    FC's Tyler Durden, more or less like Neo in the other tourney, is a figment of the imagination! This makes him an automatic loser, as I see it. But even so, Bruce Willis in PF wouldn't go down in a fixed fight and apparently knows a little something about handling a sword, too. Bruce gets medieval for the win.

    Batman is a longtime sentimental favorite for me (when I was a kid, I went through a stage when I wouldn't answer to my name - you had to call me Batman!) but I always hated the way he fought in the movies. Black Mask is a cyborg supersoldier, not a spoiled rich kid with revenge fantasies. Black Mask for the win.

    Best of the prelim bouts here! Personally, I would've made it Bruce Lee's Chen Chen (from Chinese Connection) vs. Jet Li's Chen Chen, but we might've ended up with an Evil Deadesque scenario with two minds trying to control one body if that happened. Anyway, it would be a long, tough fight. But once Bruce tastes his own blood, well Jet Li is just gonna have to learn to enjoy suffering. Winner the Dragon!

    okay, I'm running out of time; no more stories, just votes

    Chow Yun Fat in CTHD
    pass (haven't seen Unbreakable)
    Chow Yun Fat in HB
    pass (haven't seen Charlie's Angels) but is it fair to go 3 on one? You should throw in Zhang Ziyi and Jade Fox to make it more even

    Everything is universal, by definition.

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    Radhnoti Guest
    Bruce Willis.
    Batman (he never loses if it counts).
    Bruce Lee (I mean, c'mon...he's BRUCE LEE!)
    Highlander (either Duncan OR Connor) they'd just keep getting up since Chow Yun Fat wouldn't know the whole chop off the head trick.
    Kane, let's see Walker pick up a huge red hot iron brazier and move it while it burns a tattoo on his arms!
    Pass, never seen unbreakable.
    Pass, who is Hard Boiled?
    Charlie's Angels...3 on 1, and the three live in the age of guns.


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    dwid Guest
    Alright, I'm gonna suspend disbelief here- so it doesn't matter that Tyler Durden is a phantom... these are all fictional characters.

    That said, I can't imagine a scenario where Tyler would win. All he has going for him is toughness and craziness. My man Bruce has all that and is a professional boxer who killed a man with his bare hands. Nuff said, Bruce wins.

    If we're talking Frank Miller's Dark Knight, my vote goes to Batman. Otherwise, Black Mask.

    Fist of Legend's Jet Li beat like a whole school of karateka. My vote goes to him.

    Chow Yun Fat would probably accidentally discover highlander's weakness from hacking him apart many, many times. Anyway, all that "there can be only one" stuff will sound a little silly coming from a guy with no arms and legs.

    It's not really fair putting old man Kane (in legend continues he's a senior citizen) against younger Walker. That said, the clumsy brute that Walker is, Kane would overcome him with softness and kung-fu magic (have you ever seen the show, I think he has like pyrokinesis in one of the episodes).

    David Dun is only extraordinary because he's the only superhero around. Wolverine would take him apart. Unbreakable when faced with adamantium claws - I don't think so.

    If we're talking Chow Yun Fat's character in Hard Boiled, it's a tough call. Rambo would come in with an M-60, making Fat's use of the environment to get out of the way of bullets a moot point. My vote goes to Rambo.

    One at a time, Yeoh would slay the angels. All at once, I hope they'd all find some mud to wrestle in, but anyway, they'd subdue Yeoh.

    The way of the samurai is in desperateness. Ten men or more cannot kill such a man. Common sense will not accomplish great things. Simply become insane and desperate. - Hagakure

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    some great matches...

    Batman (he rocks!)
    Bruce (grudgingly..and only if he doesn't concentrate on the finger)
    Kane (but definitely only the character cos carradine sux)
    are we talking chow yun fat here?if so,he wins
    Michelle (but lucy is cuter)

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    NorthernMantis Guest
    I can't believe no one has mentioned Liu Chia Hui (Gordon Liu) yet!I'd like to see him againts Jackie Chan! :D

    "Always be ready"

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    Design Sifu Guest

    OUCH!!! Round 2

    What a Slug Fest!!!

    Bruce Willis beats Tylor Durden hands down!!!

    An unpresidented match here as The Dark Knight BATMAN ties the Cyborg Super Soldier turned Superhero BLACKMASK!!! Both move on to the next round . . . perhaps they will meet again!!!

    it's fast & furious but The DRAGON wins!!!

    Chow Yun Fat proves that even 1000 years of training isn't enough against his Green Sword of Destiny!!!

    Here's on for the seniors as Kane whups Walker Texas Ranger like flies on a horse's @$$!!!

    Wolverine demonstraits that David Dune may be Unbreakable but certainly NOT uncutable!!!

    Amidst a hail of Bullets Rambo meets on right between the eyes, Hardboiled's Chow Yun Fat win's again!!!

    Oh the humiliation!!! the MUD!!! The T the A!!! Charlie's Angels Gangbang Michelle Yaoh and every male witness comes out the winner!!! :eek:


    Pulp Fiction's Bruce Willis vs BATMAN

    Black Mask vs Bruce Enter The Dragon Lee

    CTHD's Chow Yun Fat (anyone recall his charactor's name?) vs Kwai Chan Kane (or however you sell it)

    Wolverine- sit's this round out, was busy getting a brew when the weigh in happend.

    Hardboiled's Chow Yun Fat vs Charlie's Angels --- well I was going to pit them against Kane or Wolverine but thought better or it. ;) Wolverine faces of vs the winner of this bout before moving up to round 3!!!


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    Radhnoti Guest
    Batman. If you've read the comic, you know that NO ONE can beat him twice (honestly, I've read that D.C. has made that a rule!)...and once is just shy of a miracle. Some two bit boxer has no chance.
    Black Mask. Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon was a bad dude...but Black Mask is a super soldier.
    Kane. One episode I saw him make a hundred duplicates of himself...and all of them hit the bad guy. He dimension hops all the time, including time travel (he taught the Shaolin monks how to fight in one episode, raising paradox questions in my mind).
    Charlie's Angels. Drew could lift her shirt like she did on Letterman. Lucy comes in with a flying side kick, knocking Chow Yun Fat into a staring contest with Cameron Diaz. He can't stop looking into her big blue eyes, and Drew smacks him from behind with a 2X4. Lucy finishes painting her nails and asks, "Who's next?"


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    Design Sifu Guest


    I can hear Woverine sharpening his Claws!!!

    Could it be that BATMAN & BLACK MASK will meet again???

    Is Chow Yun FAT truely out classed? Twice???

    Does Drew Barrymore REALLY think she's all that???

    Will it take a supersoilder to beat the DRAGON??

    Can there ever be a Batman movie as cool as the comic charactor???

    These questions and more remain to be answered HERE, as the Slugfest continues!!!!

    at least here, your vote DOES count!!! ;)

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    dwid Guest
    Bruce Willis vs. Batman is no contest. Batman would destroy him.

    Black Mask vs. Bruce Lee... Black Mask would dominate.

    Chow Yun Fat vs. Kane... Kane, drained from drawing upon his supernatural resources to defeat Walker in round one slips up and is cut down in round two by the mystical green destiny. Kane loses.

    Chow Yun Fat vs. Charlie's Angels. I don't think he'd have the heart to pop them. Anyway, being used to more obvious threats, he may overlook the danger of the angels until it is too late. I'll give this one to the angels.

    The way of the samurai is in desperateness. Ten men or more cannot kill such a man. Common sense will not accomplish great things. Simply become insane and desperate. - Hagakure

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    chow yun fat
    the angels

    __________________________________________________ _________________________ "I never drive faster than i can see...other than's all in the reflexes" Jack Burton

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    Design Sifu Guest

    ENTER Wolverine

    Well . . . Before we set up round 3 it's pretty Clear that Hard Boiled's Chow Yun-fat won't survive the combined efforts of an Angel's style Gang Bang.

    SO with Chow out of the picture . . . Wolverine steps in.

    [i]Can Charlie's Angels hope to survive the Adamantium Claws, Mutant Healing Factor & Berzerker Rage of X-men's Wolverine???

    Anyone care to Vote on this one??? :D

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    dwid Guest
    Those poor angels. Wolverine b!tch slaps them down. They don't stand a chance.

    The way of the samurai is in desperateness. Ten men or more cannot kill such a man. Common sense will not accomplish great things. Simply become insane and desperate. - Hagakure

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    i've gotta go with wolverine
    i want an adamantium skeleton!

    __________________________________________________ _________________________ "I never drive faster than i can see...other than's all in the reflexes" Jack Burton

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    Design Sifu Guest

    The BIG round!!!

    Alright . . . it's been a big bloody mess!

    with the tragic upset of Bruce Enter the Dragon Lee loosing to Black Mask.

    & the titilating antics of Charlie's Angles' final fall we close in on the closing round.

    BATMAN vs. Black Mask: They've faced off before to a draw. Will the Dark Knight have used this time to find the Cyborg Super Soilder's weakness? Will Black Mask continue to dominate these competitions?

    CTHD'sChow Yun Fat vs. X-MEN's Wolverine:
    Having only just beaten the Shaolin Mystic Kane, can the weilder of the Green Sword of Destiney continue his success against the Adamantium Clawed mutant Wolverine? Will his Mutant healing factor & berzerker's rage enable Wolverine stand up to CYF's deft swordmanship and nearly magicial weapon???

    as alway . . . the answer's lie in your votes!!! :D

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