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Thread: the one review

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    doug maverick Guest

    the one review

    okay lets just say i wasn't to thrilled with this flick, okay the ba gua and xing yi was okay all thou he practiced a weird kinda beng chuan when he was in jail it wasn't bad, the story had a nice outline but the plot stunk, jet lee played a great bad guy all the to the end, but he was a punk as a good guy, out of a possible ten i'll give the one a 3.

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    eviljungle Guest
    I dunno man I usually don't look for plot in a kung fu movie. I usually just try to suspend my disbelief and embrace the cheese! :D

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    azzzy Guest
    I personally was disappointed with "The One". It could have been such a great movie. Instead illogical plot
    and Matrix-wannabe special effects totally ruined the enjoyment. Why were there only 123 Jets, if there
    was an infinite number of universes? If Yun Law (bad Jet Li) was so strong he could break out of the
    constrains on the chair, how come he couldn't tear the cuffs? And if the cuffs' material was stronger, why
    didn't they make the chair out of the same? If he could dodge bullets fired virtually at point blank, what was
    the point of threatening him with guns? If Yun Law could kick people in the air and smash them with
    motorcycles before they hit the ground, how come the fight with an ordinary mortal agent (that black guy,
    don't know his name) took the whole few minutes, and it seemed like the agent even managed to do some
    damage to Yun Law? Why is our universe the least developed out of the rest of them? They are not ahead
    of us in time - they exist in parallel space! So how come in that Penal Colony (the universe, which by logic
    should not be technologically advanced more than a normal universe) they had a futuristic looking aircraft
    that we can only see in sci-fi movies? Also if that Penal Colony is a whole another universe, is it feasible
    there were no women? (the prisoners acted like there weren't) And if that Multiverse was so advanced, is
    it feasible they would send a guy to a place like that Penal Colony without proper investigation? (they
    almost sent away good Jet instead of the bad one). The list goes on...

    In my opinion the fighting was OK. Not bad but not awesome either. I couldn't get rid of the feeling that
    almost every move in this movie was borrowed from Jet Li's earlier movies. Oh well, long live "The Fist Of

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