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Thread: Taiji Mantis newsletter

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    ShaolinMantis Guest

    Taiji Mantis newsletter

    Greetings family members

    The new issue of the USA C.C.K. Taiji Praying Mantis Federation newsletter will be out soon(2-3 weeks).
    There is news of importance for next year's memorial gathering, as well as articules & pics from this years activities and a articule from Sihing Mantis 108.
    Those who are interested, please see that I have your eMail address.

    send to:


    ShaolinMantis...the 1st

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    Ericsepishii Guest

    TCPM Newsletter

    Thank You for posting this information
    on this chat.

    Previously only those closely connected
    would had access to this type of information.

    It's nice to see more openness related to
    this matter.

    Thanks again.

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    ShaolinMantis Guest

    TCM newsltr

    It is important for the future of Taiji Mantis
    that we as the family of CCK, stay informed of all the happenings of our all our groups.
    The newsltr is small right now. With the help of other memebers of CCK TCM system donating items of interest from their schools we can grow and become closer overall to our large but spreadout family of Taiji Mantis

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    Would this newsletter be available to outsiders as well? (like myself)

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    ShaolinMantis Guest


    I do not have a problem with that. There are no secerts published, just general stuff about the schools, who's doing what/where, history, local news,etc. Since it is just sent via email it is not a big deal to add another address. Besides maybe you will see how cool we are and change schools, after all fighting is fighting, everyone can do it. Most use guns these days anyway. :-)undefined

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    awwww....c'mon, i wanna learn the TCPM secret gun form!!!

    just kidding

    I have extreme respect for your style, and for Sifu Chiu Chuk Kai. I wouldnt hesitate at all to learn it.

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    ShaolinMantis Guest



    ...well there is Tom Ng Sibak's school in Edmonton. His students are sharp, humble & respectful. He is a soft spoken & friendly man...
    did I say he is there in Edmonton? ;-)

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    Yes, I know him, his colleagues, and his students pretty well. I trained under him for a number of years.

    Too bad there aren't more TCPM masters around.

    Are there any TCPM sifu's that AREN'T from Sifu Chiu Chuk Kai? (could be anywhere in the world?)

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    ShaolinMantis Guest


    Hmmm interesting question. There must be some, in one of the tails about Sigung, there is mention of classmates of his, but these days , all I hear/heard of TCPM is CCK.
    I think I will ask.

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    initiate Guest

    Other tcpm sifu's

    A classmate of mine said he went to a class in california about 6 yrs, ago. If I can get a hold of him I will ask where. He said that this sifu was a classmate of Sigungs and that they recognized Sigung as the successor but not his students. He said that sigung changed the style and that it wasn't the same.The sifu lived somwhere in Cal.. My classmate said that he could recognize the forms although they were done a little bit different.

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    Papieboni Guest


    You must be speaking of Sifu Kam Yuen in Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley in LA County. I know that he teaches TCPM and 7* forms. One of his top students was Sifu Mike Marshall. Sifu Kam Yuen is the one I think that was teaching David Carradine. I also think that Sifu don Newton and Manuel Marquez are also part of that clan? isn't there also TCPM in the San Francisco Bay area?


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    initiate Guest
    It wasn't Kam Yuen this guy was in his 70's and was a classmate of Chiu Chu Kai's.I put a call in to my friend,maybe we can find out where he was.

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    cha kuen Guest


    TCPM in San Franciso is sifu William Fong's class.

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    h00ka Guest


    Why do ppl post URLs of webpages that aren't even complete? makes whatever theyre talking about look sloppy, kinda like my writing skill (=

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    ShaolinMantis Guest

    Classmates of CCK

    Paul Skrypichayko :
    Too bad there aren't more TCPM masters around.

    Are there any TCPM sifu's that AREN'T from Sifu Chiu Chuk Kai? (could be anywhere in the world?)

    I asked Wong Lam Ling of Walnut Creek about any of Sigung's, Sihings or Sisuks being alive and teaching. He said he did not think there are any left.

    He said, he would like to go to China to research this, but to the best of his knowledge there are none.

    I will ask a couple of others...

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