Suspect arrested after brutal SWORD murder CAUGHT ON CAMERA in Germany
Published time: 1 Aug, 2019 15:28
Edited time: 2 Aug, 2019 12:35

FILE PHOTO: Armed policemen in the city centre of Stuttgart, southern Germany. © AFP / Simon Sachseder

German police have arrested a man suspected of carrying out a brutal murder in the streets of the quiet southern city of Stuttgart. The alleged killer is believed to have repeatedly stabbed his victim with a sword.

The shocking act of cold-blooded murder took place in broad daylight on Wednesday, reportedly after a dispute broke out. The 36-year-old male victim was repeatedly attacked with a weapon described as a “sword.” The victim later died of his wounds.

Police launched a full-on manhunt, apprehending the suspect, who’d fled on a bicycle.

Video footage, purportedly filmed by a witness, shows a man standing in the street as he repeatedly raises and thrusts a long metal sword-like object towards the ground. The victim’s body is obscured by a car.

WARNING: You may find the following video disturbing.

The heinous crime has shocked Germany, as Stuttgart is considered one of its safest cities.
harsh stabbing. no technique. just brutal.