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Thread: 2,700 year old ganja found in China

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    The Green Grass Monk, did he know Ganja Kung Fu?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardwork108 View Post
    It may be worthwhile for those who are interested to investigate this further.
    why would anyone resort to that? wikipedia is far more reliable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uki View Post
    why would anyone resort to that? wikipedia is far more reliable.
    Whoops, I forgot the "knucklehead" factor effecting these forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoulderDawg View Post
    Thing thing about this Atlantis is that if Socrates (Or whoever for that matter) knew about this then it was around during recorded history. I think any event that would plunged a entire city/nation into the ocean would have been something that would have been mentioned somewhere.
    It was an allegory, not a history. It was invented by Plato like 95% of the stuff that Socrates "said".

    And Uki I spent YEARS researching stuff like Atlantis in my teens before I came to that position. This isn't a quick wiki job here, this is experience speaking.

    There was never a lost island of atlantis. The atlantis fable was an allegory most likely constructed based off the (relatively cataclysmic) collapse of the Minoan kingdom on Crete.
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    ancient documentation

    What we can learn from the Chinese medical cannabis system
    Classical literature reveals how ancient Asian cultures medicated
    By Trey Reckling, The FreshToast January 16, 2019

    One interesting note is that, unlike Western fascination with cannabis “buds” or flowers, the Chinese documented using all parts of the plant: seeds, stalks and roots. 1971yes / iStock / Getty Images Plus

    China is more than 5,000 years old with a legendary history of herbal pharmacology. It should be no surprise that Chinese medical marijuana is thriving.

    The truth is out there, as two fictional characters once reminded us. Researchers from Hong Kong Baptist University were in search of the truth as it related to the historical use of medical marijuana in traditional Chinese medicine. They published a review of classic medical literature from Chinese antiquity as recorded in more than 800 texts collected in a set called the Complete Ben Cao or the Compendium of Materia Medica.

    It is widely held to be the most complete and comprehensive resource regarding the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. They focused on the texts of five different dynasties in history, translating and cross referencing information about specific uses of cannabis.

    One interesting note is that, unlike Western fascination with cannabis “buds” or flowers, the Chinese documented using all parts of the plant: seeds, stalks and roots. It is hypothesized that, because China so valued its traditional hemp production, the plant continued to be bred and selected based on its fiber and seed food quality rather than resin production in its flowers.

    Hemp cultivars became the favored sons. That said, the psychotropic potential of the plant were well known, as evidenced by the quote, “excessive consumption causes one to see ghosts and run about frenetically.”

    The authors found other interesting historic snapshots:

    In the 6th century, author Tao Hongjing wrote, “adepts (believed to be Taoist monk alchemists) take cannabis flower (mabo) with ginseng and know of things that have not yet come.”

    In 1070, physicians would compound a cannabis seed wine to treat pain so severe that it caused the patient to be immobile.

    The first well documented use of cannabis was for pain relief 1127-1270 AD. The flower of the plant, called mahua, was combined with datura flower, a highly psychotropic plant. The mixture was known as “sagacious sleep powder” and caused a heavy, dazed sleep.

    Historic cannabis use has been documented among Silk Road from the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911 AD).
    Historic use of opium and some highly hallucinogenic alkaloid based plants is well documented in China. However, researchers found, “there is little evidence that cannabis was either abused or prohibited in China prior to the first documented seizures of imported cannabis products in Xinjiang in 1936.” In some regions, it was simply part of the everyday pharmacopeia for hundreds of years.

    Research like this brought to us from Hong Kong is a humbling reminder that as we seek more information about therapeutic uses of cannabis that we must look not only forward to future research.

    We must also seek to benefit from the ancients, those hard-working and passionate people who sought health centuries before we arrived on the scene. To not seek their consul would be an arrogance we cannot afford.
    marijuana tcm?!?!?!?!!?
    2,700 year old ganja found in China
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    Shaolin Cannagar

    I can't make this stuff up people.

    Apr 10, 2019, 01:28pm
    El Blunto Cannagars: Ultra-Luxury Cannabis Experience

    Warren Bobrow

    Q.Ladraa and Christian Audigier founder of Ed Hardy COURTESY: Q. LADRAA
    This was the pitch:
    Thank you for passing along your email address over Instagram. I would like to convey my appreciation for your work. Last year I read your article about Xiaolin Cannagars and I was really impressed with your opinions and findings. I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to El Blunto. The work of our artisans is marked by an outpouring of skill and pride. The result is El Blunto a cannabis cigar that defines the luxury smoking experience, one worthy of your finest moments. El Blunto is made out of the highest-quality cannabis and is wrapped in hemp and contains zero tobacco. It also includes a high end glass filter tip. We are fortunate enough to be listed at over 50 dispensaries and are very excited about a successful launch in Los Angeles. We are a State and Los Angeles city licensed micro-business. I would love for you to try our product and perhaps you are interested in writing about us. In any case I remain a fan of your work and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    I'm a massive fan of the genre of cannabis known as the cannagar. To refresh our collective memories, a cannagar is like a cigar, but only in shape. A cannagar contains no tobacco, whereas a cigar is totally tobacco. Sometimes cannabis is ground up and added to cigar tobacco. That is a blunt. But not always. Sometimes a blunt is rolled with a tobacco leaf as the mere skin of the blunt. Other times the blunt is a compilation of parts, but what kind of parts? Different ones of course! I'm generally not happy when I'm passed a blunt made with tobacco. PASS! I don't use tobacco in any form!

    El Blunto Cannagars COURTESY: QUALID Q LADRAA

    The Leira cannagar has something named ice hash in it, pressed and interspersed with the very finest flowers, while the Lobo has multi layers of kief, oils, resins and waxes all rolled into one. Lobo does have a hole down the middle. Most cannagars do. My favorites in this genre vary, especially since my go/to is always the one bought by others, still I digress. The Cannagar named Shaolin is my absolute benchmark. It's good to know who does the very best. I'm sure the very best is the one I haven't tried yet. The same holds true for the El Blunto. This cannagar closely resembles the fine hemp encased cannagars made by Bull Run/Hamilton Cannabis in Oregon. A dark hemp wrapper forms the skin and the interior is missing that "fire in the blow hole" up the center. Anyone who has smoked a cannagar would understand that the opening in the center is both a danger and a good thing. First the good thing, the hole in the center does allow for long periods of curing to take place, that is for certain. But on the other side of the equation, that very hole sends burning fire directly through the core of the cannagar, singing your tongue and lips. The very pleasurable art of a enjoying a cannagar is not just holding the expensive smoke in your mouth, you must hold it in your lungs! Otherwise this would be a mere cigar. (An expensive one, but still... Only a cigar, you wouldn't want to hold the odoriferous cigar smoke in your lungs!)

    Enter the El Blunto. These nearly two gram cannagars are on the smaller side. They remind me of the hand rolled cigars that are featured in the Italian Spaghetti Westerns. Although these have a bit more kick than the tobacco versions. With that said, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the hemp wrappers are not so far from the historic mark. How else did they roll their smokes? And with what? It was probably hemp for a wrapper and the filling. Not too hard to imagine since George Washington grew hemp for all sorts of industrial purposes, including paper, cloth and sailing vessel ropes.

    El Blunto caught my view because they are constructed in a manner that is near and dear to my heart. They do not burn your tongue with fire/smoke, and the size is just right for a sesh with a couple of friends. The cultivars are of the loud variety and they seem to do the trick with a minimum of fuss. A couple suggestions though. Invest in a cigar cutter, it makes your cannagar last longer when you practice good cigar practices. Try not to slobber all over a cannagar. It's OK to wet the tip a bit, but if you're sharing your cannagar that behavior is just gross. Fortunately the El Blunto Cannagars have a glass tip for easy swabbing between hits. Nice touch! Another suggestion is to never use a lighter when torching up a cannagar. They just don't get hot enough. You must use a mini-torch. They come in many styles, you should be able to find the one that works best for you. And now, without further delay, may I please introduce Qualid Q. Ladraa. Founder and CEO, Albert Einstone’s LLC. @alberteinstones on Instagram.

    WB: Warren Bobrow
    QL: Qualid Q. Ladraa

    WB: Why Cannabis?

    QL: For the past 5 years I have been an advocate of cannabis and I’ve been involved with several different cannabis business associations and advocacy groups. I started going to Lobby Days and conferences, even speaking at a few. The end of cannabis prohibition has always been an important subject to me, both for medicinal and recreational use. Enforcement of cannabis has historically led to marginalization and abuses of power and I’m glad that we’re putting that chapter of history behind us. Currently our ability to do business in the industry rests on our achieving and maintaining legislative and regulatory reforms. That is a fascinating barrier to entry in the business world and it’s a challenge and opportunity I was eager to explore.

    WB: When was the first time you saw a cannagar?

    QL: The first experience I had with a cannagar was in Holland. I was born in Germany and Holland was only a 30 minute drive from where we lived. While cannabis was illegal in the Netherlands, personal use had long been decriminalized. Recreational consumption of weed is tolerated and it is available in coffee shops, so they’ve been innovating products for years.

    WB: Who taught you your craft?

    QL: I have an entrepreneurial background, starting and building businesses (I sold my last two companies). Despite being captivated by cannabis, I don’t have much of a cannabis cultivation background. That said, the principals of businesses and branding remain the same.I understand the importance of assembling a great team, developing a vision and executing on that vision. In general, I’m inspired and shaped by the people who have come before me. I’m very lucky to have an evolving group of mentors who taught me my craft, inspired me and advised me. Honestly, even those who discouraged me have played a significant role in my growth as an entrepreneur.

    WB: Do you have a business background? Going into biz requires some acumen, who taught you about owning a small biz?

    QL: I do. I was one of original team-members that launched the wildly successful clothing phenomenon, Ed Hardy. I founded and built Vallure Vodka, the German luxury vodka company that was acquired in 2017. I founded Opinit, a technology company, that was acquired in 2016. I’ve worked and consulted with some of the world’s biggest brands and continue to push the envelope of what a brand can become.

    WB: Do you cook? If so, what kind of food do you enjoy preparing? Eating? Have a favorite cuisine? What is it?

    QL: I love food! I enjoy all types of food, my favorites being Italian and French cuisine. I was raised in Europe and, at least for my family, eating is all about communal enjoyment – talking, relaxing and socializing. I also love to cook. My mother is a brilliant chef. I learned everything I know from her.

    WB: What is your six-month plan? One year?

    El Blunto Presentation QUALID Q LADRAA

    QL: We plan to launch El Blunto and several other products that are currently in development in over 350 dispensaries all across California.

    WB: If you could be anywhere in the world, right now, where would that be? Doing what? With whom?

    QL: I want to be right here in California. The cannabis industry has come a long way in recent years, no doubt about it. California is one of the most important and exciting states as far as the industry is concerned and I want to be part of the boom.

    Thank you sir! Cheers! wb

    Warren M. Bobrow: 6x Author/Barman/Cannabis Alchemist
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