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Thread: what's your age and experience ?

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    what's your age and experience ?

    I often wonder how old some of U Guys and Gals are, especially the " Old Posters" around this Forum and how much M/A experience you have. Trolls expose themselves for what they are, besides you guys " Blast Em " right off.

    I'm 71 and a few years back I didn't know much about computers, I like em, I enjoy this fourm, it's in reality , a fun place.
    Visit the past in order to discover something new.


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    This isnt online dating is it? j/k

    I'm 24 and 16 years experience: trained in quite a few different M/A's
    Wing Chun, Tong Long, Bagua, Taiji, Bak Mei, Bei/Nan Shaolin, Tong Bei, Chang Quan, TKD, BJJ, judo, Aikido, Karate (Shotokan), Arnis, some Muay Thai.

    And enjoy almost everything.

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    This took me back to the old school IRC chat pick-ups...A/S/L?

    I feel creepy all over again.

    Age is just a number, as is number of years training. I enjoy all aspects of fighting. The one I dislike the most is grappling, which is why I signed up for BJJ recently.

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    OK I'll play. Since I've posted this a year ago when I joined on the forum.

    I will be 41 in Aug.

    Started martial arts at 12 going on 13.

    1yr or so of Sil Lum....did not like it much back then.
    Move on to study Ralph Castro Shaolin Kempo for 4yrs. I also studied Arnis with my uncle and a friend of his in the same time frame.
    Went in the military and all I could find was Tae Kwon Do so I studied that the entire 4yrs I was serving active duty. Attained a 1st Degree Black.
    Got out of the military and found another Shoalin Kempo School (Fred Villari) Took that for another 6yrs. In that time frame I also went back to taking Arnis. The Villari school I was at was taken over by United Studios (a McDojo) I stayed until I got my 2nd Degree and could not take it anymore so I left.
    I then started taking Ying Jow Pai under Sifu Pat DiBatista (GM Leung Shum lineage). I was there for a little over 2yrs until I changed jobs and work took over my free time.
    Took a long hiatus from martial arts until about 2.5yrs ago when I came back. I am now taking Northern Long Fist. At my age I am re-thinking my love for hard contact sparring though. Going to transition to being a forms dancer and taiji enthusiast. Can't seem to recover as fast when I have injuries.

    There's my martial arts career in a nutshell.

    Oh let me add, that the more I learn, the more I see how much I suck.
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    Master of Shaolin I-Ching Bu Ti, GunGoPow and I Hung Wei Lo styles.

    I am seeking sparring partner. Any level. Looking for blondes or redhead. 5'2" to 5'9". Between 115-135 weight class. Females between 17-30 only need apply. Will extensively work on grappling.

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    On the mat.
    I'm 26.

    Been training for just over 9 years.
    -3 Months CLF/Savate
    -2 Months Boxing
    -1 Year Tai Chi (2-3 hours every single day)
    -5 Months Wushu
    -4 Months Wing Chun/Xing Yi
    -6 Years Black Tiger
    -8 Months Judo
    -1 Year BJJ
    -3 Years strong focus on San Shou/San Da

    And a smattering of seminars and training with different wrestlers and Thai boxers.
    A smidgen of Praying Mantis

    Obviously there is some overlap with much of that stuff and I would say that I got the most out of Tai Chi, Black Tiger, San Shou, and BJJ. Those have really helped me develop but it was the Tai Chi that gave me the base of understanding movement that has played the biggest factor in my ongoing enjoyment of the martial arts.

    BJJ 0-2
    Judo 1-2 (Silver Medal)
    San Shou 5-1 (1) (International Silver and Gold)
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    i'm 18 and been doing various different MA for abotu 12 years now
    there are only masters where there are slaves

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    5. The reason you know you're wrong: I'm John Takeshi, and I said so, beeyotch.

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    how many years trained doesnt really equate years "involved!" with the MA
    there are only masters where there are slaves

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    5. The reason you know you're wrong: I'm John Takeshi, and I said so, beeyotch.

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    I'm 45 and have been involved with one ma or another for 30+ years now.

    I like to think of myself as refreshingly immature for the most part.
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    On the mat.
    Oh yeah, I like long walks on the beach and taking in some classical music after a long day of volunteer work down at the local shooting gallery.
    A unique snowflake

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    29years old. started to seriously persue martial arts just over 9 years ago. I dabbled before that but was never dedicated.
    For whoso comes amongst many shall one day find that no one man is by so far the mightiest of all.

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    new york,ny,U.S.A
    i'm 25 and have been training for 20 years;

    aikido(from my mother for one year)


    tak kwon do;

    lung ying kuen

    hung ga;

    bak siu lum

    bagua zhang

    xing yi chuan.

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    oops, I didn't realize this was a J-Date post.

    I can't really put up a profile or John Edwards' ex-girlfriend will get upset seeing as she is the babymomma. Never mind the problems my wife would have with it.
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    34 1/2

    Praying Mantis since 1992 under Sifu Henry Chung
    USJF Judo since 2005, Konan Association, Tsutomoru Judo Club

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    San Antonio
    OK, I'll list mine.

    Trained in Tai Chi from 1995-2003. Trained under Charles Pearce for my first three years at IU, then worked under Shawn Parkes til '03. Got a chance to do a lot of work with William C.C. Chen, Dr. Tao Ping-Siang, and Nathan Menaged.

    Trained from 1999-2005 under Joe Judt (Hi Joe!) He taught me mostly Shuai Chiao, along with a smattering of stuff from Kun Tao, Southern Mantis, and Hsing Yi. Did most of my work under his senior student, Myoung-Jae Im, but got to work with the man directly a lot more toward the end.

    Trained from 2002-2005 with Miguel Torres (current WEC world featherweight champ) learning mostly BJJ, Muay Thai and Boxing. I also did BJJ under Dino Costeas for about 9 months back in '99.

    I've been doing Judo since 2004 under Rene Zeelenberg in San Antonio and currently hold the rank of San Kyu (3rd brown).

    All in all, I've been pretty d@mn lucky in that I've always been able to find quality training under world class teachers. I've been really priveleged in that.


    Oh yeah, I'm 35
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    Huntington, NY, USA website:
    going on 52.
    Been studying since I was 15 yrs old.
    Northern Shaolin
    Ji Do Kwan TKD and Hapkido
    Bak Mei P'ai
    Wing Chun
    Hakko-Ryu Jiu-Jutsu
    Tang Soo Do(Moo Duk Kwan)
    Kempo (Tracy's and Villari's)
    Choy Li fut
    Hung-Ga (Lam Sai-Wing, Tang Fong, and Village style)
    Southern Mantis(KwangSai Jook Lum Ji Nam Tong Long P'ai-Lum Wing-Fei lineage)
    Yang Style Tai-Chi
    Chiang Jung Chiao Pa Kua
    Sayoc Kali
    Pekita Tirsia
    Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu
    Mohnguo Seut-Gohk(Mongolian Shuai-Jiao)

    it may seem like alot, but some, like Pa Kua was only a smattering, others I trained on alternate days-i.e. Mon,Wed, Thurs, Tang Soo Do, Fri and Sun-Wing Chun, Saturdays-Kempo,
    Now I train my Hung-Ga and SPM, and SJ on alternate days, but every day I practice forms, lien gung, drills,etc.
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