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Thread: For all the Aussies in the House~ New Oz MA Forums

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    For all the Aussies in the House~ New Oz MA Forums

    I'm not related to it.. but looks like a good potential, so thought i'd help them along

    So just a heads up for any fellow Aussies...

    The Australasian Martial Arts & Self defence Forums

    Looks like they are just starting... Looks like it could be a good resource.....
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    Great forum and they are looking to start a magazine as well. God knows we need something as all we are stuck with is "Blitz" which is hardly a serious martial arts magazine. What do other Aussies think?

    Ron Goninan
    China Fuzhou Zhenlan Crane Boxing Australia
    White Crane Research Institute Inc
    A seeker of the way

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    I found they have a blogspot and facebook page for notices
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    Tonglong jai where and who do you train SPM with?

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