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Thread: Philipp Bayer videos

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    Philipp Bayer videos


    here are some nice clips

    Somebody known with this teacher? Philipp was a direct student of Wong Shun Leung.

    Here are some more clips
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    Philipp's a very good VT teacher, I really appreciate his video's.

    Kgledhill on this forum is a student of his, check out his post's here , you may have to read his posts a few times to understand the meaning behind his words but they make sense when you are training in the WSL method.


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    I train with P Bayer, the videos don't do any justice to actual contact with him , very enlightening , you cant see the thought process being developed

    ( btw, the music in some videos was a response to a WT video featuring LT he saw recently, done as a joke. )
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    Two more clips with Philipp Bayer

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